Ironic poster names

Poster names that, when combined with thread titles, made me go “ha!”. Or more generally, when the poster name can be taken as the answer to the question being posed.
There’s a bunch of them in IMHO right now.
Severe eye damage, or staring at an Eclipse on Christmas
… idiotboy

Worst ideas for tattoos you’ve seen
… seriousart

Things that will ruin an otherwise decent day
… Podkayne

Talk about your experiences with Spoken Word performers
… Havok

Worst Experience in a Public Restroom
… Wildest Bill

Bald-Faced Lies
… ThreeLeggedBob

What exotic pet makes you go, ‘–huh??’
… Duck Duck Goose

I’m not religious but this pisses me off
… The Mighty Tiki God

I hate balls
… BornDodgy (Dodge ball anyone?)

How do we eliminate sweatshop labor?
… RoboDude

A few more that amused me:
Body Found in Chimney
– BurnMeUp

– Cogitoergosum

How about

Plumbing advise needed

Ersatz Erotica

Wow…I’m honored. #1. I never really noticed the irony of my username and that topic…