Irrational hatreds?

What are your irrational hatreds, things you hate and you know it makes no sense to hate them?

my irrational hatreds…

micro$oft and billy-boy gate$; for using anticompetitive practices, basing windoze off stolen Apple code (windoze 1.0 and all it’s decendants were based off code stolen from Apple’s Lisa computer (the predecessor to the Mac) ) and foisting buggy, unsecure, unstable crap on the consumer market (and for consumers being stupid enough to buy it), i’ll never own a m$ product, i hope they go out of business and expire (i know they probably won’t but i can dream, can’t i?)

automatic transmissions; the most boring, useless tranny design in exisence, barring medical neccesity, i don’t understand why anyone likes them, they must be too lazy to learn to drive properly, i’ll *never" own a vehicle with a slushbox

any vehicle made by the ford motor company, ford is the m$ of cars, they’re products suck, and they’re everywhere, my first “car” (the Murphy’s Lawmobile) was an '88 escort, the thing was the worst piece of shit i had ever had the misfortune of owning, you name it, it broke, i treated it well, never abused it, and it fell to pieces around me, it had an asthmatic 85 HP, and could barely get out of it’s own way.

my sister had a ford f-150 that was constantly breaking down (she used it to tow her horse trailer), heck, her first car, a VW golf, was more reliable, and she abused that thing like there was no tomorrow, running it on vapor, not changing the oil or coolant unless she was told to, i lost count of the number of times her coolant resivoir was bone dry, yet it still ran, the ford died if you looked at it funny

her husband’s contour was also a piece of shit, and he took car of it, the less said about the focus problems (bad brakes and other crap) the better

nothing will convince me ford is any good, they male crap and nothing will convince me otherwise

suits and ties (and the people who wear them);
the hangman’s noose is the most uncomfortable, useless piece of cosmetic embelleshment in existence, i was forced to wear that crap in high school (private college-prep school with a dress code) and when i graduated, i promised myself that i’d never wear that shit again as long as i live, they’re uncomfortable, stupid things, and i’ll never understand why anyone would wear that crap when they don’t have to, in fact, after my graduation ceremony from high school, in celebration of my freedom from the hangman’s noose, i had a cookout that evening, and the fire that cooked the food was fueled partially by the stupid hangmans nooses, burn, you symbol of corporate repression, burn! :wink:

it seems strange to me that suits and ties are considered “conservative”, in my opinion, “conservative” clothing is simple, non gaudy, non-pretentious clothing, a tie is a useless decoration, a piece of cloth that serves no practical purpose (other than to annoy me and be a useless piece of cosmetic embelleshment), that doesn’t seem to be “conservative” at all, to me, conservative clothing is a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, simple, comfortable, and no cosmetic frippery

i don’t know why i react this way, but any time i see someone wearing a suit and tie “when they don’t have to” (i.e. just walking around in public, not at work, in a photo, etc…) i feel this surge of rage at someone being forced to wear that stupid piece of crap, or even worse, wearing it for no reason, i don’t know why, but i just get ticked off at the person/image and usually mutter to myself “stupid pencil-neck, wearing that shit when they don’t have to”

maybe it’s resentment from high school or something, i don’t know, i’m just glad my current job has an “anti-dress-code”, you are banned from wearing that crap, and if the boss catches you wearing it, he’ll cut the tie off

yes, these hatreds are stupid and irrational, i admit that, but i don’t care

what are your irrational hatreds?

The Washington Redskins.

is it just me, or does the word “Graduate” look weird, i always think it’s misspelled :wink:

I might be wrong about this but I always thought the stolen code came from the Mac prototypes that Jobs gave to Gates because Gates pretty well conned Jobs into thinking that Gates wanted to work with Jobs on software for the Mac.

Would you hate Mr. Gates if he employed the same marketing techniques and failed miserably and remained anonymous to the capitalist world? Or is it the fact that his application of code and subsequent delivery of products to the marketplace was more aggressive than anything the folks at Apple would venture? It’s a MARKETING world we live in, baby, if you can shine a lump of shit properly you can sell for diamonds.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with all your points–but as for the computer thing: Never got to play with an Apple, no businesses I’ve ever worked for use Apple, and I like standardization (with interface anyway. I gives a damn HOW the computer thinks as long as I don’t have to talk differently to it). I do wish MS was more bulletproof, but I do insurance, not code.

By the way…does Apple have a [shift] key? Because no caps or ALL CAPS wigs ME out. :slight_smile:

the Mac prototypes were Lisa systems with Mac compilers

So it was Lisa hardware with different software, basically. OK, thanks for the clarification.

if m$ played fair and their products succeded (or failed) on their own merits (or lack thereof :wink: ) i wouldn’t have a problem with m$ or gate$ (the reason i don’t capitalize the names of m$, gate$ or ford is to show my total lack of respect for them), the fact that they based their entire empire on (for lack of a better term) stolen code and that they spend more money on deceptive, anticompetitive advertising tactics is what i have a problem with

ironically, some of the best software from m$ comes out of the “MacBU” (m$'s Mac product division, i hate m$ with the burning passion of infinite suns, but even i have to (begrudgingly) admit that m$ Office X is a damn nice piece of programming, not surprising really, when you consider 80% of the MacBU is made up of former Apple programmers that jobs “downsized” to cut costs

oh, that reminds me, i don’t like steve jobs either (notice lack of capitalization :wink: ), i’ve been using the Mac since the original 128 back in '84, and i used the Apple II series even earlier, i’ve been repairing Macs for well over 10 years, i know the systems inside and out, i have no problem with Apple as a hardware/software developer

i do have a problem with Apple as a business…

recently, ever since jobs came back to Apple, Apple has been making a concerted effort to squeeze the “little guy” out of business, i have no problem with Apple selling their own products, hell, i expect them to, i don’t expect them to try to squeeze their vendors out of existence and replace them with Apple stores, think what you’re doing, jobs, we were the ones that stayed with the company during what is referred to as “The Dark Times”, the time when Apple was adrift at sea with John Sculley and Gil Amelio asleep at the helm and windoze 95 offering a “Mac like” experience (sheah, right, as if!), we never jumped ship, we rode out the “second coming” with the introduction of the iMac (ignoring it’s criticisim of lack of a floppy drive), we rejoyced with the introduction of the G4, the iPod, the redesigned iBook, the G5…

we’re dedicated, but don’t think that means you can abuse our business relationship, looking for any reason to drop our service scores, earmarking most of your inventory for Apple stores and leaving us the “leftovers”, etc…, don’t screw with the independent vendors, treat them as equals, if we weren’t there to support you in “The Dark Times”, you likely wouldn’t be here today…

My irrational hatred? Maybe… a poster (not even the OP) who takes a position, a semi-valid position, but WRONG nonetheless… and people disagree with him. And his… pride? anal-retentiveness? ego? umm… whatever… he just bulls ahead, ignoring logic (and, granted… illogic) but he just bulls ahead. Three Mods and two Admins check in… and he just fights harder… Doesn’t LISTEN to what anyone else has to say, he is right, the world is wrong. Yada yada yada, “but what about my concerns? If we don’t know ALL the rules… spelled out… to the Nth degree… in every forum… how will anyone know what to post???” Heaven forbid! :rolleyes:

How does a poster, who needs everything spelled out, in INFINITE detail, someone THAT tight… how does he ever shit in the morning? It seems his asshole is so tight he could make diamonds out of a lump of coal.


THAT is MY irrational fear…

um… irrational HATRED… THAT’S what I meant… :rolleyes:

Apparently the OP has an irrational hatred of capital letters.

Can I have an irrational hatred of stick shifts, just to balance things out? I like my automatic transmission for the same reason I like my power steering and my electric ignition (as opposed to the old-fashioned turn-the-crank-to-start kind): it makes driving easier. Why should I make things harder than they have to be just so I can feel like some sort of stud? People who drive stick shifts are control freaks who feel special for doing something lots of people can’t do—because they don’t have to! :stuck_out_tongue:

including high heels? piercings? 18th century powdered wigs?
Dude, if your tie’s uncomfortable, maybe you oughta loosen it a little.
Anything’s uncomfortable if it’s too tight, especially jeans.

I think I’ll wear a tie tomorrow, just to piss you off. Nyah nyah nyah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugly status symbols that appear to be popular merely because they ARE status symbols.

For instance, Hummers that the owner in no way ever intends to use for their original intended purpose (that of awesome allterrain vehicles).

Designer clothing that costs a stupid amount of money merely for the name of the designer.

For instance, Tshirts that while not technically “ugly” are completely indistinguishable from the Kmart versions that cost a few hundred dollars less.

That sort of thing.


or is just too lazy to use the shift key :wink:

sure, you can irrationally hate whatever you want, the more the merrier

some of us like manuals because they make driving more fun :slight_smile:

yes, yes, and yes

don’t wear one, haven’t since high school, and i never will again, heck, i’ll be buried in jeans and a sweatshirt, fancy clothes are a waste of money.

if i could paraphrase a quote from Scott Adams’ “The Dilbert Principle” book regarding engineers and technicians views of clothing

“engineers view clothing as a low priority, as long as everything is covered and no genitals or mammary glands are in plain view, then the purpose of clothing is achieved, everything else is irrelavent, engineers understand that their appearance only bothers people and therefore is not worth optomizing”

so true, so true :wink:

go ahead, i don’t care :slight_smile:

I have an irrational hatred of the name Chris. Christopher, Christine, Christina, Christie, Chrissie… HATE THEM. To the point where I don’t think I could even date someone named Chris, or have a best friend named Chris.

I know it’s stupid- it’s irrational!!

Uh, recheck the first two posts. You certainly weren’t lazy enough to CAP any reference to Mac or Apple. :rolleyes:

Oh, and my irrational hatred? (I still refuse to believe it’s irrational) are the 20-something actors that use the word “actually” entirely too much during interviews. If nobody noticed this, listen for it during Leno, Letterman, O’Brian, Today, GMA et al interviews.

It is said entirely too much and almost all are uttered when they don’t need to be.

Oh, my list of irrational hatreds is so long that it would take days, so I’ll just touch on the highlights here:
[li]Anyone associated in ANY WAY with the New York Yankees, including but not limited to …[/li][li]… George Steinbrenner, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez, but especially …[/li][li]… Bucky Fucking Dent and Aaron Fucking Boone[/li][li]Roger Clemens[/li][li]Art Modell (and I am not even from Cleveland!)[/li][li]People who don’t use blinkers to signal a lane change[/li][li]Roger Clemens[/li][li]Whatever jackass decided that “office casual” (around here, anyway) means “not suits but still not comfortable”[/li][li]The New York Giants - all of 'em - ever[/li][li]Most of the lying crapweasels who work in the Sales Dept. of my company[/li][li]Did I mention Roger Clemens?[/li][/ul]
Oh, and I almost forgot about Doug Flutie - and my hatred of him is so irrational that I don’t even know any more why I hate him. I respect the guy and all the stuff he’s done for autism and stuff, but I just hate him as a football player. Hate! Him, and John Elway, and Dan Marino. Hate!

I just had this same topic featured in my LiveJournal and mangaged to piss off nearly everyone, lol.

My #1 most irrational hatred is when people don’t take off the dealer license plate frames on their car. For some reason I hate this so much I actually want to rear-end people. You have to take it off to put the license plate on anyway - leave it off! You don’t NEED a plate frame, and you sure as hell don’t need to give free advertising to a car dealer who probably jerked you around and no doubt ripped you off.

Old people that walk too slow, or drive way under the speed limit. Specifically those with no regards to other people in the world. Surely they dismiss us as young people that haven’t seen the truth yet, and shouldn’t hurry. I suppose if I was retired, didn’t go to school, and had no life other than sleeping, cleaning my dentures, and raking in social security and buying drugs, I wouldn’t be in any hurry either. Or not. I would certainly not want to spend 3/4 of my last 10 years driving 35 miles an hour on an interstate with a speed limit of 65, nor would I want to spend 3 hours of my last 10 years walking from the front door of the grocery store to the pharmacy, because it takes you 5 minutes to take one step. Have your groceries delievered (for free) as well as your drugs (for free). Don’t tortue us with your molassas ass granny hobble. Some of us have lifes. Long ones we would rather not spend behind your ben-gay smelling, dipar wearing asses.

Adults, with jobs, with real crooked teeth. I suffered through four fucking years of orthodontia…NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

(these are IRRATIONAL, right? :smiley: )

I also hate Owls. MY GOD I HATE OWLS. Fuck owls. I almost fell out of my chair when the onion had a headline of “Owls are Assholes”, since I’ve ALWAYS felt that to be true.

Finally, Korn and Jim Carrey. Don’t even get me started.