Is "American Dad" 86ed?

I can’t much muster up the will to care either way. If it’s not I’ll end up still watching it; if it is I won’t miss it that much.

According to Fox, there will be new episodes of American Dad! starting September 11.

Eh. I’d rather have reruns of old Family Guy episodes than new episodes of American Dad.

Just watch Adult Swim. All the Family Guy reruns you can handle…and then some!

I am starting to like American Dad. I think it is really showing improvement.

Decent, not great.

American Dad is growing on me too. I wasn’t at all impressed with the pilot, but I like it more and more as it goes on. The appearance of “Karl Rove” was fantastic.

This wouldn’t strike me for any show except for American Dad, but…September 11, eh?

A sitcom titled “The War At Home” also debuts that night!

If we move our crappy sitcoms because of days that the terrorists have marred, then the terrorists have won!

From the looks of the fall season, there can BE no winners…