What happened to American Dad???

OK, I barely tolerate “War at Home” because its between the new Simpsons and Family guy…but now American Dad is gone for another retarded show about a slacker loser who lives with his parents and is spoiled rotten??


Oh well…1 1/2 hours of television is probably enough anyway.

According to the Fox website, it’ll be back in late April. Why, I have no clue. Maybe they didn’t have enough shows produced and the execs decided to stick in a mid-season replacement instead of showing reruns of American Dad.

I hate American Dad.

It has all the misses of Family Guy with none of the hits. And yes, Family Guy misses sometimes.

But that’s just my opinion.

I don’t like American Dad either, but it’s better than the total POS that is “The War at Home.”

Same bigoted jokes probably, but live action it’s just repulsive, whereas in cartoon form it’s just dumb background noise. I end up turning off the tv when it comes on and forgetting to turn it back on. Probably not a bad thing.

That new show wasn’t great, but it was light-years better that ‘War At Home’. It’d be a step up if they replaced WAH with it.