American Dad is boring

Alright, I used to enjoy American Dad in the beginning, but it’s getting quite stale in terms of longevity, alot of the plots seem contrived, even when they experiment with being outlandish. Jeff is the most annoying character followed by the principal who comes in a close second.

What’s happening Seth, you’re better than this!

I enjoy it, especially during political plots as Family Guy uses the “whack you over the head with the issue” approach. And Brian is the author avatar but also fucking obnoxious about it. NB that I’ve not watched every episode but I’m catching up.

The correct answer for most annoying is Steve when he whines. The Principal not realistic but awesome.

I enjoy it, as it is probably the most surreal thing on TV today, barring the news.

I also like Archer.

Bob’s burgers is more surreal

You mean when Archer did a surreal episode of Bob’s Burgers?

My understanding is that he doesn’t do any of the writing for AD, just voices.

I like the weird episodes. I find the show really uneven, though. About a third of the episodes are really creative and bizarre, and than the rest are painfully phoned in.

Most surreal thing on TV? Sounds like y’all haven’t seen Rick & Morty.

Both American Dad and Bob’s Burgers fall into the “B” tier for animated comedy. Family Guy is still the “A” tier.

I am still working my way through it on Netflix instant so I’m glad to see it remains good.

For me Family Guy has grown stale. But I still think American Dad and even the Cleveland Show (kinda bummed it’s cancelled) are hilarious. But yeah, Bob’s Burgers and Rick & Morty are crazy good.

As for Jeff on AD, however annoying he is, the “Majestic” episode makes up for all of it. They could have him killing & eating puppies in every episode and my response would be “yeah… but man, that Majestic episode!!!”. The episode where his dad frames him for the marijuana bust is pretty good too.

I can’t even stomach Family Guy anymore. I still like American Dad okay but it has gotten boring.

Bob’s Burgers is great though.

Its plagiarismo di plagiarismo and it’s always been boring.

I was too lazy to change the channel at the gym and its was like being punched in the face with a bludgeon of unfunniness.