Is any one else about to Bulime their (kid's) Easter candy?

Isn’t it great to be a grown-up? You can eat candy 'till you puke.

Sunday morning Soupo wakes up to the Great Indoor Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny left TONS of plastic, candy-filled eggs all over the house. Thoughtfully in the zone above Dog-line and below Maximum Kid Reach. Then there’s the full blown El Basket del Easter Grando. Overspill candy goes into the Parents Common Basket.

Off to Grandma’s house.
Another E.E. Hunt. More loaded plastic eggs. Another El Basket del Easter Grando, plus extra Aunt/Uncle candy kindness.

To put it indelicately, we are up to our collective asses in Easter related empty calories here at Chez DeDay. Ain’t it grand?

Peeps out the wazoo. Reese’s eggs. Cadbury eggs (didn’t they used to be gooeier/gooey-er/more goo-ey). Jelly beans, in two varieties. Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar. Guess who was the Candy Procurement Officer this year?

Any one else overindulging in Easter largess? Or is it just me? Everone else gives their candy to UNICEF, or The E.B. only brings fruit and nuts, or some such?

Do you hear a hum? Is the lamp supposed to strobe like that? Auntie Em, Auntie Em…