Is anyone else watching Undercover tonight?

Tonight on NBC is the series premiere of *Undercover*. I’ve seen a lot of promos on tv this week but none before now. The premise sounds a little too *21 Jump Street * (going undercover to bust the bad guys) but hopefully it’ll be harder-hitting than that.

I’m willing to give it a chance and I’m not just saying it because Oded Fehr (grrrooowwl) is in the cast.

Are you kidding? Oded is the primary reason I’m watching it.

I don’t know what role Angie Everheart has in the thing but she was in the promo I saw last night. Reason number 2.

Oded Fehr is a hottie. He’s on my laminated list. I thought he was hot with the long hair but damn, the man looks good with short hair too.

I watched it – pretty good. But it’s not too difficult to guess who will be dying next week.

The ending made it look like Jake’s a goner, but you just know it’s going to be someone else instead.

I watched UC Undercover. I was really excited about watching it. After the first 10 minutes, in my not-so-humble opinion, I determined it sucked. Big time.

My hubby and I watched the rest of it solely for it’s comedic value.

Naw, I think its going to be Jake. He isn’t even in the cast pictures.

I went back and looked at the official website and Jake’s in all the cast pictures. Are you sure you aren’t confusing him with the Captain (Grant Show)? He’s not in any of the pictures and I bet he’s the one that is killed.

Well, I’m just glad it’s on when it is because there’s nothing else Wife wants to watch then. Unlike “Alias,” which is up against “X Files,” which I have to tape even if she watches it.

“Oooh! I’ve never seen THIS one before!”

“Yes, you have. About five times. You just keep falling asleep during it. I know because I had to sit here and watch it with you every time and whenever you started snoring and I changed the channel you woke up and said, ‘What happened to my show? I was watching that.’”

I’ll be mildly interested in how Jake gets out of this one. I rather liked the show.

All the X-Files episodes are episodes I’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen a single episode of the show.

Grace, if you want to try “X Files” try not to think of it as a “spooky” show and watch it for the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. Or you could be like some of the women I know and watch it for Mulder (if that “dorky but athletic Scottish and Jewish guy” thing works for you) or Alex Krycek (for the more traditional “hunk” look) or Skinner (bald hunk).

BTW, was I supposed to recognize anybody on “Undercover” except Sonny, who has been in just about everything at one time or another? I suppose I was supposed to recognize Oded Fehr, but I guess I didn’t recognize him.

Was Sonny the leader of the bank robbers? I’ve seen him in a few movies. John Keller (the captain?) of the undercover unit is played by Grant Show. He was on Melrose Place for a long time. The guy that was in jail, Carlos Cortez, is played by Steven Bauer. He has been in several movies (Traffic, Thief of Hearts, and Scarface) and I remember him from a old 70s spanish show called Que Pasa USA. Oded Fehr wasn’t in Sunday’s episode. His first show is this coming Sunday.

As far as X-Files goes, I just don’t watch it. No reason really. I know it has a huge following and I probably would love it. I’m sure I could get into it if I watched it and maybe that’s what keeps me from watching.