Is AOL mail down?

That’s all.

Do you know the url?

I tried that. It tells me that is up, which is the home page. It’s the mail function I’m asking about. I try to sign in to get my mail, and it takes me to a screen that says “Oops! The page you’re looking for is unavailable . . .” or something like that, for about a quarter second, and then it goes back to the home page. Any other AOL users out there having trouble getting their mail today?

IANA AOL mail user but there have been several incidents in the past where AOL flat denied any problems even when they had a fire in a server room that had alot of their mail systems down for a couple days.

AOL user here ----- I am getting my mail via their program and also the website. (I logged into the site just to check and it let me into my box) You may just be in an especially busy section of AOL?

OK, thanks for checking. I’ll call my husband and see if he’s on. I’m hoping my employer isn’t blocking me, but ISTM they’d just block completely.

FYI: My husband says he is having no issues. I now am able to get to the sign-in screen, but when I get there I get the following message:

and when I try to log in, it takes me right back to the home page.

So it’s not just me. Whew. Still, I want my mail!

Same here, Sigmagirl. Although, weirdly, it works at home. I couldn’t get on all day yesterday at work but at home it was fine and was still fine this morning but when I got to work, I couldn’t get on. Yesterday, I couldn’t even get to the sign on page - it just flipped me back to the home page. Today, I get the sign on page but when I enter my user name/password it takes me back to the home page. I am not happy.

Not happy? I bet you’re surly!

I went to a great Italian restaurant in Portsmouth once.

Really? Which one? (I’m new here an always looking for good food!)

A little googling tells me it was probably The Rosa, in business since 1927! I’d be able to confirm it if I could see the outside of the building. I can rule out Ristorante Massimo and Radici, though they look pretty good (and expensive!) and Momma D’s (too far out of town). This place was definitely downtown by the water and a family-owned-type place.

I tried just now (that I am home) and got the failure message when trying to through the website. I can, however, access old mail and send mail VIA the program version in my computer.

And folks wonder why I’ve always called it Always Off Line.

PS - I just had Italian yesterday. Could we make it a nice Mongolian place instead? :slight_smile:

It’s the internet telling you that it’s time to step into 2010. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get my mail, or the home page this morning. After several tries, I got the home page but couldn’t access any of the headlines…I don’t even know why I bother, I have another account for ‘real’ mail, I just have AOL left over from when I switched.

I would but my boss pays for AOL and isn’t willing to pay for any other isp; I suspect someone at AOL has a picture of him in a barn or a zoo or something performing an unnatural act. And I’m a cheap bitch and hate to buy something I can get for free so … :wink:

I was thinking he meant more towards getting a webmail address at like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, or even Hotmail. I can’t think of a single person I know who predominantly uses their ISP’s mail.

Lots of people use their AOL email address purely as webmail. AOL started allowing this quite a while ago. You can ditch them as your ISP and still use the email address you’ve had since 1997, for free. I don’t see anything wrong with that.