is babby potentially formed if I have been nauseous 2x when I didn't eat right away?

Argh - OK this thread is just something I’m doing to pass the time until my period is due. It’s just that I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now (seeing a doctor about it - not a fertility specialist yet, just an ob-gyn for fertility issues) and it’s unbearable waiting to see if the second round of Clomid worked. If I am pregnant I got that way less than two weeks ago. I have one child and I did not get morning sickness with him until I was probably 8 or 10 weeks along. However, two days in the last two weeks or so I have felt briefly nauseous in mid-morning on days I had not had anything to eat yet. This normally only happens to me if I take vitamins on an empty stomach, and I had not had any vitamins yet. Sigh. Since it happened twice it is making me hopeful. So…that could mean something, right? Otherwise I feel no signs, but of course it is very early, and too early for a test. It went away as soon as I ate. Actually one of the times it went away before I ate. It seems like everyone I know who was pregnant around the same time as me is having their second child or already has. Frustrating. I’m 38. No time to lose. And we really don’t have the money for expensive fertility care that is not covered by insurance. Or, for that matter, adoption, I guess. So, has anyone else had brief nausea as a result of not eating in the morning as a very very early sign, even though they say morning sickness doesn’t start for several weeks into pregnancy?

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Anything is possible, I guess, but it does seem pretty unlikely that you’d be having symptoms in just a week or two. How long have you been trying?

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Calm down, shut the fuck up, and ask your questions in a calm and dignified manner,

Unfortunately progesterone is a nasty beast and can mimic pregnancy symptoms during the TWW. That’s not to say you aren’t pregnant, but more than likely it would be too early for HCG to be at a level at which it was starting to give you morning sickness, more common to start getting that closer to 6 weeks rather than the 3-4 you would be at now. Still, always possible, as I said! Best of luck.

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From a yahoo answers page, IIRC:

«anecdote, because gosh no one is getting sick of my pregnancy anecdotes»

I conceived on July 17, got a positive result on Aug 5 after feeling nauseated for a week. I thought it must have been psychological, but that nausea persisted until I was 17 weeks pregnant. I feel comfortable calling it morning sickness.

Here’s how babby formed. In short, it’s statistically more likely to be food poisoning than pregnancy. A pregnancy test would tell you better than we would.

You could be pregnant. You could have excess stomach acid. You could have sinus drainage/post-nasal drip. You could have some other condition I’m not thinking of at the moment. Hell, you could be pregnant and have one of the other conditions. Any of the possibilities seem about equally likely.

Just as an aside, I really recommend you go talk to a reproductive endocrinologist. Not all fertility treatments are excessively expensive, and it’s a rapidly changing field. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about ob/gyns missing things that would have been obvious with a specialist.

If you go see one and all they want to talk about is IVF, find a different one.

sitchensis, this is wholly inappropriate and completely out of line, and I’m issuing you a warning for it.

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Your nausea could be coming from nerves, tesseract! I know I’d be nervous if I were you. :slight_smile: Also, I wonder does Clomid cause nausea? I don’t know anything about it.

Best wishes! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

Thanks for thoughts, all, and for tip re reproductive endocrinologist, **Manda JO. **I will look into that. This is such a frustrating time and it’s good to be able to vent about it. The fertility forums with all their little blinking icons and fairy dust serve a purpose too but I feel more comfortable venting to the Dope.


Just wanted to wish you luck and second the RE recommendation! When people think of assisted reproduction, the mind leaps to $10K+ IVF, but there are a few steps in between that can work too! My Clomid / IUI cycles were $325, and even inject IUI cycles can be as low as $1000.