Is being an upfront & honest kept mistress/sugarbaby a perfectly valid & moral lifestyle choice?

Per the scenario posited in the spoiler boxed wall of text quoted below from another website where a self described sugarbaby is asking for advice; let’s say a well off married man seeks out and meets a young, attractive “sugarbaby” on a seeking arrangements type website that caters to these transactions. The young women is very upfront and explicit about what she wants, and how much it costs cash, gifts and lifestyle-wise for the “girlfriend experience”. Objectively, is what she doing a perfectly acceptable and moral lifestyle choice? Does she have any implied moral duty toward his wife and children not to become involved with him?

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Depends on one’s definition of valid and moral. In the U.S. (and probably Canada; they’re such nice people) I’d say definitely not moral. Not sure what valid means in this case. I mean, not to be pedantic, but if it’s happening, it’s valid. IMO, it’s not something I’d want for myself or any hypothetical daughter of mine, but, we each set our own moral compass so if the parties involved are ok with it, then it falls in line with their personal idea of moral. Isn’t it a widely held (and possibly false, I honestly don’t know) notion that in some of the European cultures it’s common for men to have mistresses and the wives know but " hey, that’s just the way it is"?

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She’s essentially a prostitute, so apply whatever judgment you would apply to that.

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I knew two young women who used their looks to better their lifestyles.

One was out-and-out pathetic (he dumped his wife when she got older and plumper. How dare he dump me when I got older and plumper?). She actually went seriously downhill.
The other ended up marrying a guy who did the same thing. I never saw the attraction of the twit, but enough women did to keep him busy.

It’s sleazy and pathetic.

But always good for rilin’ up IMHO.

Generally speaking, I think that being a sugarbaby is a perfectly valid choice, but the specific example you gave in your spoiler is wrong in all sorts of ways.

Taking the post at face value, it doesn’t seem upfront and honest if his wife doesn’t know, and he shouldn’t be skimping on his kids for $1000 dates, particularly his autistic son’s care. These are his choices first and foremost, of course, but she is aiding and abetting.

That may be the longest and most complex spoiler I’ve ever read here.

I accept “kept” as a life choice but have issues with the situation described in how it relates to the family.

If a situation is not ( economically) sustainable, and this one isn’t ( no way he can pay for both households, even on a pilot’s salary) then it will end in heartbreak, sooner of later. Heartbreak for family and the guy. Not for the sugarbaby, because she sounds utterly heartless. So, because it will end in heartbreak sooner then later, this lifestyle choice is neither valid nor moral.

It’s a job with not much future. She will lose her looks and he will find a new sugarbaby.

I don’t really care what two consenting adults do.

I don’t care what three consenting adults do. I am skeptical as to whether or not the wife consents to this arrangement.