Is breakfast cereal crispier than ever?

Serious question: Have the recipes for famous cereals changed over the years to achieve maximum crispiness?

I remember when Cookie Crisp first came out, it had a cookie-like texture. Now it’s so crispy that it’s almost jagged.

Same with Count Chocula. I remember when the marshmellows actually were soft and squishy. Now they’re almost as crisp as the cereal, which is much crispier than it used to be. I don’t even like the stuff that much any more.

The same thing has happened to Quisp. Also, I remember when the berries in Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries used to be more cookie-like in texture. The last time I tried this cereal, the berries were – you guessed it – crispy! Personally, I liked things the old way better.

Any info on this?

I think maybe they’ve been sitting on the shelf too long…I was amazed to find Quisp back!It had been gone a long time. And it was 1.99!

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I store cereal not in the refrig but in the ice box. Boy, is it always fresh & crispy.

Yep! Their crispier these days.

People have been using more lowfat and skim milk recently. The problem, these kinds of milk are more fluid and therefor make cereal soggy faster. The solution, a coating of caranuba wax, or acacia wax, or some other variety of wax (check out the ingredients for the wax of choice) added during the “rolling” process (for some reason this article doesn’t say what “Rolling” is).

And to think, all this time I thought I just produced all this ear wax naturally.