Is Bush appointee wrecking the CDC?

I live in Atlanta, so I have heard first-hand some of the rumblings of discontent within the CDC of late. Bush appointee Julie Gerberding has shaken the place up since she was installed as director in 2002. Of course, any change of leadership will generate some discontent, so at first I didn’t pay much attention. But lately, the warning signs have become more ominous. From a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

I urge you to read the whole article. It is very worrisome. Makes you wonder whether the CDC will “pull a FEMA” in the face of a national health emergency.

Here’s a link to the unofficial blog for CDC employees, referenced in the article, where some of the concerns by those within the organization are being voiced.

I’m putting this in the Pit instead of Great Debates, because I don’t know if there is a debate here. I am just angry at the idea that the CDC’s effectiveness is being compromised, and want to share the information. If a debate breaks out, perhaps a Mod will move the thread.

As a Bush appointee I’m confident she was appointed entirely on merit and is doing a helluva job.

Don’t you mean “heckuva”?

We are moving towards a faith-based approach to epidemiology.

Some more excerpts for those who don’t have the patience to read the article:

The function is to make the administration look good and avoid controversy. They are doing their job well so far.

And for those Republicans who think this is just more Liberal Bush Bashing, this excerpt might be of interest. . .

Let me guess. When some horrible disease wipes out millions of Americans next year while the CDC does absolutely nothing to stop it, President Bush will go on TV and praise the head of the CDC for doing a heckuva job, and claim that no one could have forseen that the bubonic plague could pass from human to human. Meanwhile, the good folks at Fox will attempt to blame the whole thing on Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

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I stand corrected. Whatever it is I’m sure if I was in the USA I’d be resting that much more safely in my hermetically sealed bunker knowing that someone summoned to greatness by Bush had my back.

You know, I was going to come in here and make some snarky allusion to FEMA, Brownie, and the general fuckupedness that is President Bush’s habit of making appointments to fundamentally necessary posts in the federal government into awards for his sycophants.

But I see my works has been done already.

Yeah, bad enough that FEMA was gutted and the knowledgable middle management fled. Now we’re losing the people at the CDC who are trying to keep us safe from bird flu, e coli, AIDS, five or six forms of hepatitis, and whatever else comes down the pike?

That shack in Montana’s starting to sound really good about now.