Is cancelling the 2014 G8 summit a good idea?

This morning the G7 announced that they are suspending preparations for the June forum. This has to do with Russian military intervention in Ukraine.
If communication can resolve these issues, why close the door? Without communication a solution will take longer to achieve.

Considering Russia’s being a major pest, and things might get even worse, what would you recommend instead? World War III???

Besides, the G7 could always reverse their declaration if things actually work out – but Putin doesn’t seem the type to back down just because of petty global sanctions.

This sounds more like a IMHO question than a GQ question. The G7 countries may be hoping that by cancelling the June forum they will be sending a message to Russia that they are very serious about Ukraine. Whether it’s a good idea or not is anyone’s guess. Talking between G7 countries and Russia will continue to happen regardless.

It’s pure politcal showmanship. They have to look like they’re doing something, but there’s absolutely no chance the West is going to go to war with Russia over Crimea. Attempting to impose economic sanctions on Russia would be a major nightmare that would hurt too many of our allies and be too great a disruption to world trade. So, that’s off the table, too. That leaves meaningless token gestures like cancelling the G8 summit.

What I am saying is without communication, WWIII is more of a possibility.

But the big powers are communicating. Cancelling June’s G8 is basically saying, “We see what you’re doing, you bloody opportunist, and we don’t like it.” What else are they going to say?

I don’t see how saying, “I don’t like what you are doing and I ain’t gonna go to your party”, is going to help resolve this problem.

Good observation. Make it so, mods. Thank you.

I think the point is to give force to the threat that Russia might be kicked out of the G8 altogether. That’s kind of hard to maintain if everyone goes to a G8 meeting hosted by Russia.

yeah, the Russians I think have an inferiority comlex. They know how far behind the west they’ve been, despite a few showman efforts like the space race. They desperately want to be one of the big boys. Booting them out of the club publicly suggests they were only there for show, they were not and evn more now are not important and we can get by without them.

World diplomacy is all about prestige, so we’r kicking Putin in his “prestige goolies”.

What problem? From the Russian perspective they now have a part of Ukraine they want, the West is made to look ineffective which in turn reduces the chance of other countries/factions looking to the US or EU for support.

The EU and US would like…what exactly? Russia to leave, I suppose, but they have nothing to use to make that happen. Hell Russia supplies massive quantities of natural gas to Europe with pipelines going through Belarus and Ukraine.

It depends on whether or not Putin is merely bluffing, or actually does have Hussein-like designs on violating another sovereign nation’s territory. Make no mistake – if Russia does indeed invade Crimea, a much stronger response from the West will be necessary. Threatening to kick 'em out of the Global Economic Community is just a shot across the bow.

“If” Russia does indeed invade Crimea? Russia has. Haven’t you been watching the news?

Seriously. Masked, uniformed gunmen have been in control of the Crimean capital for a couple of days now. (By now, it’s plainly obvious that they’re Russian special forces.) Last I heard, there are at least 6000 Russian troops in Crimea. And today Russia issued an ultimatum for all Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender, or else they will face a military assault.

So yeah, Russia has invaded. And so far, our response has been to cancel Vladimir Putin’s membership in our leaders’ social club (which, let’s face it, is all the G8 really is).

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Who said anything about suspending communication? Russia may not get invited to the next discussion of global economic issues a few months from now, but that doesn’t mean that ambassadors and other diplomatic officials on all sides have stopped discussing what’s happening today in Ukraine.

Could someone refresh my memory: have G8 meetings ever achieved anything of significance?

They’re a focal point for protesting by anti-capitalist types. Otherwise, not much.

That’s important. Those anti-capitalist types need a venting venue.

I thought that was the United Nations and its affiliated agencies. When did that change?