Is Charlie Tuna insane?

This has always bothered me. Good old Charlie Tuna wants to be a Star-Kist tuna, a tuna that tastes good. Charlie begs Star-Kist to catch him, in other words good old Charlie wants to be pulled from the sea gasping for breath. His head will be cut off his guts ripped out, cut into little pieces and put in a can so the people watching him on TV can devour him. This is sick! So does Charlie have a death wish, is he crazy why does he want to die?

Well, it’s probably better than being in advertising.

I know what you mean. There used to be a worse one that gave me the creeps: Frosty Morn sausage and bacon. Three little piggies singing in sweet harmony –

The aim of each little piggie
From the day he is born
Is to hope that he will be good enough
To be a Frosty Morn!
as Gary Larson’s cow would say, “That’s sick”

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For an amusing exploration of the mascot phenomenon:


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ROFLPIP! Oh, god, that’s twisted – I like it! Yep, Mr. Coffee Nerves, that’s me… :wink:

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I just wanted to say I was terribly disappointed with Bondex Betty. Not what I was hoping for at all.

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No he isn’t insane. Much like Old King Tut, who gave his life for toursim, he considers it an honor to be eaten.

After all he is being rejected. How many of us like that? I was once rejected by a date who looked like a fat ugly nerdier version of Bill Gates. I was so happy going home. Then about 1/2 way there I though “hey I’m insulted.”

As an exception to this all-too-common tendency, there’s a chicken chain with outlets in the Atlanta suburbs that is advertised by cows carrying signs that say “Eat more chicken” or showing a hamburger with the international ø drawn through it.

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Heh… Reminds me of the “Clucky Chicken” fake ad on SNL. I still remember when his decapitated head takes a bite of his drumstick and declares, “Mmmm! I’m good!”

Yeah, Charlie the Tuna always worried me, but look at ‘Chicken of the Sea’. Now wait a minute. I want tuna dammit, if I wanted chicken, there’s canned chicken in the next aisle. Is comparing it to chicken supposed to make it more enticing? (Tastes like chicken…) Why not call it ‘Sirloin of the Sea’? That at least has the alliteration in the phrase. And why the mermaid on the label? Is she ground up inside the can?

Grocery shopping is so confusing.

“If I pinch my nose with my fingers, close my mouth tight,
and blow real hard, I can make my ears bleed. It’s
not as cool as Superman’s X-ray vision, but it’s my own
special talent.”

Y’all don’t understand, Charlie is the savior, laying down his life so that all may have a good sandwich or salad. He knows that the life of a tuna is limited, and he wants to be eaten by a human so he can experience the human condition. Better than being eaten by a shark. Charlie’s self-sacrifice is an inspiration to us all. He’s saying “Eat Me”.

Ah, Chick-Fil-A? They have billboards up around here with one cow sitting on another’s back painting onto the board “Eat more chickn” (spelling intentional, I suppose.)

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Just wondering, but do the rest of you have to put up with their jingle being played over the PA system every single time you go to the supermarket like I do. EVERY damn time I go shopping, EVERY ten minutes I hear “ask any mermaid you happen to see : what’s the best tunaaaaa? Chicken of the Sea!” Drives me batty. And it sounds like it was recorded in 1940.

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