Is complaining about the technical performance of the board permissible?

A thread started by the now-banned Johnny Hildo has been closed. I understand the banning of Johnny Hildo because of the comments he made, but why close the thread? Is it not permissible to complain about the performance of the board? I know it’s not necessarily a logical conclusion, but it’s enough for me to ask for clarity. Thanks.

Complain as much as you like. (Within the rules, of course.)

Threaten to sue? No.

We reserve the right to ban a subscriber without warning in extreme cases, including but not limited to threats against the SDMB or users thereof or the Reader or its agents, regardless of where or how the threat is expressed. We are the sole judge of what constitutes an extreme case.

There is a difference.

You’re welcome to start another thread if you want to complain some more.

Another justification of closing that particular thread would be that many posters were (justifiably) bagging on Johnny and, because he was banned, he can’t reply.

Sweet. Thanks.

That’s why it was closed.