Is Corsica really the siesta paradise it's made out to be?

Basis for assumption: Asterix in Corsica, which is highly recommended.

Can I leave my worries and go there, to live off the land and sleep a whole lot? Or, expanding the question to a more serious one, what’s the straight dope on the siesta-cliché of the mediterranean?

In my brief visit, I observed that parts of the place, at least, are starting to get swamped with tourists. They are still fighting hard to maintain the rustic, old-world charm of the place. Probably there are some towns and beaches that are less crowded, if you’re willing to explore on your own rather than relying on a guided tour.

I don’t mean if it’s a good place to go on vacation, I was curious if corsicans really only did “sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take a siesta with my wife, Maria, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos.”

It’s a stereotype used in french jokes. Corsicans are supposedly incredibly lazy. It’s exactly like the niggardly scottish man or such things. It doesn’t have anything to do with actual traditions or way of life.
Examples (not particularily good jokes, just the first ones I googled) : Two corsicans are taking a nap on a bench when suddenly the bank on the other side of the square is bombed (another stab at corsicans, refering to the independantists). € 500 bills are flying all over the place. One of the corsican says to the other : “too bad! If only the wind was blowing our way, we would be rich” or : A corsican asks another about his new boss : “It’s awful! I can’t sleep anymore during office hours” "He’s making you work??? :eek: " “No, he’s snoring.”
There are a number of other stereotypes about Corsicans, similarly used in jokes (though lazyness is by far the most commonly used), and all of them are depicted in the comic you’re refering to (secrecy and refusal to cooperate with authorities, proudness, unending vendettas, short temper, extremy touchy, concerns about their sisters’ chastity, etc…). For instance : A corsican teen comes back from his high school final exam : “You’ll be proud of me, dad. They asked me questions for two hours in a row, I knew all the the answers, but I said nothing”

In other words, the French consider them basically Italians? :dubious:

Maybe is there are such stereotypes about Italians in whatever country you’re from. There aren’t in France. We use Corsicans instead.