Is Derek Jeter done?

I know it is only nine games into the season, but Jeter is hitting .206 with one extra base hit in 34 AB’s. He has no homers, two RBI, five K’s and his OBP is .300. He has put 29 balls in play this year, and 23 of them are ground balls, seven of them to second base. Of his seven hits this year, three are infield hits, three are groundballs that made it through the infield, and only one line drive.

I’m sure he will be given every opportunity to pull out of his slump, but I’m thinking he’s met the wall career-wise and it will be a sad end to a great career.

As you said, it is only 9 games into the season. If Jeter is hitting .200 in June, then you can worry.

Agreed. It’s way too early in the season to read too much into a slow start, though it makes for good sensationalistic press.

He’s 36 and on the downside of his career. But is he going to hit .200 for the full season? I doubt it.

Sure. So is Albert Pujols (.150/.222/.225). Albert has even hit into 7 (!!!) double plays so far.

Obviously Jeter’s struggles are more worrying considering his age, but I’m in agreement with the folks up-thread - 30 ABs is just not enough time to make any definitive statements.