Is DUMB really a military term?

Is DUMB really a military term?

(Deep Underground military base.)


That’s what they want us to believe.:dubious:

To enlarge upon Tripler’s post slightly:

The U.S. Army does not use DUMB for any descriptive use.

However, the term is used often by those who think the U.S. Government is secretly building these underground bases (and roads to link them) for unspecific nefarious purposes.

Some would call these men and women true patriots. I call them nuts.

IMHO as always. YMMV.

N. naked heads
U. under
T. the
S. Sun
(Too long)

The USAF uses it as a descriptor for U.S. Army personnel. Does that count?

DUMB huh? not just underground bases but

1500 MPH! :eek:

Ooooo! “They have nuclear powered laser drilling machines”

The military calling anything [blank] Military [blank] would sound weird.
Guantanamo Bay Military Base
Main Military Battle Tank

Magneto-levity trains? They use magnetism for enhanced humor?

isn’t that great? you get where you are going super fast *and *it’s really funny!

finally, the 21st century lives up to it’s hype :stuck_out_tongue:

Nuclear ordnance possessing extraterrestrials? Run for your life!