Is "Eat Me" Bath & Body Works' corporate philosphy?

So, I’m standing in the shower this morning, and I’m reaching down to select the shower gel of the day, and it occurs to me…my selections are:

Cool Citrus Basil
Fresh Ginger Lime
Honey Almond

I also have another tube of French Vanilla, which is not a B&BW product. Why am I so drawn to scents modeled after foods? When did this shift occur that rather than perfuming my body, I’m basting it instead? Am I subconsiously screaming out “Eat me!!” to every passerby??

It can’t just be me, if B&BW is pushing these scents (flavors??) on the public at large. I admit that I really don’t care for flowery scents…but why food? Give me a choice between lilac and hazlenut, and I’ll choose the hazlenut every time.

I’ve noticed this trend in Yankee Candles as well. Am I the only one that finds this odd?

I dunno, but I was at the Bath and Body Works in Water Tower Place on Friday and I had my big backpack with me because I had been studying for finals. One of the salesclerks gave me a backrub because “That bag must weigh more than you do!”

So, hey. I will happily baste myself if I can get free backrubs. :smiley:

Well, Jadis, knowing you…

Hmmphf. We’ll see when you get gratuitous fondling again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a serious B&BW monkey on my back. Shower Gel, Body Spray, Healing Hands Cream, and the Body Cream.

I also am drawn to the food-scented stuff.
I love the Cool Citrus Basil, Honey Almond and Toasted Hazelnut.
Other favorites are Sun-Ripened Raspberry, PearBerry and Country Apple.

Hmm, I never realized I was saying “Eat Me!” to everyone, I just liked the way they smelled. :slight_smile:

i believe they are responding to a survey done a bit ago that showed men respond to food smells over flower smells. if i remember correctly, vanilla and cinnamon were tops. proving that age old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Alas, kinsey, Sun-Ripened Raspberry is no more, at least so far as massage oil is concerned…Over the last few years Mrs. Snac and I have made truly excellent use of it massagewise and otherwise (no, we have not eaten it; eating always comes before placement of the oil), but we were not able to find it at our local B&BW most recently, after we were down to, oh, a quarter bottle or so. Concerned as only a randy male can be, I wrote to the company at CORPORATE HQ (yes, this is serious) and received a standard form letter explaining that customers such as myself were requesting different flavors (ye gods!) and hoping that the attached 15% off coupon would assuage any ill feelings.

15% off?

As a fair trade for the loss of SUN-RIPENED RASPBERRY?

What are you, nuts?

I think they are still making the SR Raspberry in the shower gel and lotion varieties. I just got some of that Healing Hand Lotion.

I hope they haven’t gone and eliminated another of my favorites!

It was so OUT there! You were ASKING for it! I couldnt resist! I claim insanity! I claim… uh… insanity! Just dont take away my gratutious fondling!
Oh, who am I kidding, you like it more than I do.

(She’ll never come near me again now. I know it :D)

Welcome to the world of “aromatherapy”. As wealthy babyboomers age, companies are realizing that smells redolent of childhood sell more nonfood products than ever before.

My favorite scent Daffodil Fields is being discontinued.
Nobody ever likes the smells I like…:frowning:
What else would they choose besides flowers and food though?
Speaking of food, it would be nice to have a fresh toast smell, baking bread smell, coffe grounds, etc.

Oooh, Vanilla, another favorite scent!
Check out Yankee Candles. They have a lot of the food scents you mentioned. I know they have Sugar Cookie, Fresh-Baked Cookie (or something like that) Cinnamon Bread and Coffee candles, and several nut (Hazelnut and Almond) varieties. I think there is even a Cookie Dough candle.

I think I’ve seen (or smelled) those.
Chocolate is impossible to duplicate well, however.
I wonder, do they want us to get hungry?
“Mmmm, darling, you smell wonderful…lets go to the bakery!”
ha ha.

What? No sautéed garlic and onions?

You don’t need to baste to get free backrubs, you only need to ask :wink:

No, silly…that’s one of the smells that we’re trying to cover up with all these shower gels and candles. Jeesh. :smiley:

Food scented body products is bad enough, but I’ve also seen this with other products as well.

I was at the paint store about a week ago and saw a color brochure for one of the major paint makers (Benjamin Moore I think). The names for these colors were all food related (green apple, coffee, boston cream pie). When I was growing up, my parents told us not to eat paint (because of lead poisoning). Now, the paint makers seem to be encouraging it.

It’s only a matter of time before they start making cleaning products and other household poisons in mouthwatering flavors. How about very berry glass cleaner (its already blue) or vanilla toilet bowl cleaner…

I don’t know about B&BW (not a fan), but when The Body Shop (my preferred source) discontinued my favorite shower gel, I was able to get the unscented variety and add the fragrance at the “make your own fragrance” bar. It might be worth it to see if you can do the same thing at B&BW for your raspberry massage oil, snac.

vanilla, try demeter for your food requests. this company has: brownie, chocolate mint, dirt, tomato, angel food, fraser pine, and (are you reading this andygirl) altoid peppermint! anthopologie carries this line of fragrances, lotions, and bath salts.

I’ve never been a big fan of floral scents, but I like herbals scents and “food” scents. My current favorite is “Toasted Hazelnut.”