Is EverQuest 2 too easy?

Mrs. RickJay and I upgraded the computers and picked up deux copies of “EverQuest 2.”

We played for an hour and were both Level 4. Not once were we in serious danger.

I went away on business; she’s already Level 9, after maybe four more hours of play.

Is the game wholly devoid of challenge? It sure LOOKS amazing, and the interface is really nice, but it seems awfully easy to kill monsters and to level. The old game could be a drag at times, but you sure felt good when you heard that “ding!!!” You don’t even have to buy your spells anymore, from what we can tell so far. You just… GET them.

Does the game pose a challenge later on?

The first 10 levels are really easy, but it does get harder. It’s not any kind of incredible challange or anything, it’s a fairly good mix of challange and fun.
As for not buying spells anymore, that’s only kind of true. When you level you get the lowest tier of the spell, Apprentice I. There are 3 Tiers, with 4 levels each, Apprentice, Adept and Master. Players can make App 4, and Adept 1s are fairly common drops. Getting everything to App 4 or Adept 1 is pretty easy and well worth the investment.

Believe me (former lvl 17 Shaman) it gets harder. Solo is very hard, and it’s all about finding the right party. If you have the right party and all, you’ll defeat even the strongest foes. If not, you’ll struggle to take down weak enemies.