Is Giraffe on vacation?

I only ask because it seems like he was kicking ass and taking names here in the Pit for a while, but at present it seems to be overrun with encounter sessions. What gives?

I’m guessing it’s just another cycle for the Pit. Week before last, the Pit looked like it did when I first came here. Trainwrecks, backfired rants, personal gripes with other posters… Beautiful.

But looking back thru older threads, I noticed that the Pit of Old really didn’t look too different from today. Some lame shit, some discussion of events or policies in a heated debate format, and some really wicked rants and flames.

So give it a week or two.

Here’s hoping.

I don’t know about Giraffe but Veb has been having computer problems.

Tell her to slap that bitch’s ass.

Giraffe got a sore throat yelling at you kids. He’ll be back.

Yeah, he should have closed this thread hours ago.

He was on his way in, but some of you were on his lawn. He’s busy kicking you off of it.

[quote=The Rules]

If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB
Now, I could see this getting moved to some other forum if I were wanting to have a little discussion about how this made me feel, maybe get some cyber hugs or something, but that is not the case.

It is strange, because I have had a complete sea change surrounding my take on the Pit. There is more than one post of mine where I was snarking at folks for “being mean in the Pit, for no other reason than they are in the Pit”. Hell, I even started a thread to that effect at one point. Boy was I wrong.

I think that I have completely overloaded on the saccharine and sunshine brought to us by some posters, as I have really come to value straightforward nastiness. To be honest, and I won’t do this because I know that it would amount to trolling, I sometimes have to fight the urge to pop in to Pit threads and simply vomit huge gouts of verbal bile just so that they become appropriate for the forum.

Fucking coding. I mean, preview is for whips! Yeah!

Whips? Oh, {{{{{Binarydrone}}}}}, are you having a bad spelling day?


A Giraffe with a sore throat? Now that’s serious …

Have you ever been kicked off a lawn by a Giraffe? That’s gotta hurt…

Kicked off nothin’. With all the time he spent going on about that prehensile tongue of his, you’d probably get licked off.

Yeah, that didn’t sound dirty at all.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg! whimps! Clearly I didn’t preview that post and, god help me, I ain’t previewing this one either.

Which no doubt explains the extraneous “h” in “wimps”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss Giraffe. He fixed the coding in one of my posts and so I luff him now.

I’ll have you know that’s primo sunshine, buster. You try squeezing a stinking boatload of damned daffodils and nasty-ass lemons. Stripping the yellow out of too many rainbows to count has given me carpal tunnel in both wrists, and everything tastes like lemons now. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that daffodil pollen stains like a mother, did you? I look like I’m in the last stages of jaundice!

Oh, and saccharine? Nobody’s used saccharine since they cracked down on it in the fifties. You don’t think the Teletubbies were born like that do you? 100% pink unicorn spit is the only way to sweeten in Pollyannaland. And those pink bastards bite! Hmph. I think I’ve got a call to the underwear gnomes I need to make. Ungrateful wretch.

What I meant to say is that priview is for pussies. Speaking of which, typing with a lap full of cat is a pain in the ass.

Gaudere will always getcha ya.

Yeh? Try typing with a lapful of cat full of lap.