Is Gmail down?

Is anyone else having trouble getting into Gmail toay, or is it just me?

I’m not

just you
ETA: There have been some issues with the latest XP and/or IE updates blocking some things and causing gmail problems. I can’t recall details, but there is a workaround you can google for.

I’ve been having intermittent trouble for the last day or so. Nothing long-term.

It was totally not working for me when I got back from lunch.

I logged out and back in and the mail is working, but the chat function is gone.

The answer to the question “Is Gmail down?” or “Is Yahoo! down?” is generally going to be “It is for you and for some other people, but not for everyone.” Google and Yahoo (and similarly large websites) have many servers. The server you use may be down or inaccessible, but other people using other servers won’t have any issues. It is very unlikely that all of the servers would go down or be inaccessible simultaneously.

Haven’t seen any glitches today. SDMB is another story…

Got it fixed at my end. Thanks all.

It was out for me for a couple of hours this afternoon, but now it’s back.