Is it cruel to annoy your cat?

I don’t mean deprive or injure in any way; I just mean to annoy, irritate, piss off, etc. Opinions?

You’re a jerk to annoy a cat. Pick on somebody your own size, creep.

I annoy my cat all the time. It annoys her when I have the nerve to go to work and deprive her of a lap to sit on. It annoys her when I am trying to type at my computer and don’t want her to sit on my forearms. (BTW, you may attribute any spelling and/or grammatical errors to this phenomenon.)

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

I annoy my cats all the time!
I’ll dangle string in front of them, and yank it away!
or poke my fingers at her, and yank them away when she goes to scratch at them. Or I’ll take her tail and tickle her nose with it. She starts biting at it, and then licking at it.
As far as “annoying” my cat, she likes to annoy everyone else!
And I like to pick her up and hold her, even if she squirms…
Payback’s a bitch, Misty!
I think by annoy, do you mean tease?

Uhhh…yes. Next caller?

I have two cats, and I piss them off all the time just by living my life. One of my boys insists on jumping into my lap whenever I am sitting on the couch talking on the phone; I think he thinks I am talking to him. So he gets all comfy and after a few minutes, if I am on the phone “too long” in his view, he gives me that pissy cat look and starts swishing his tail. “How dare you disturb me when I want to nap on your lap!”

And yes, it’s ok to intentionally piss of your cat. After all, your cat probably tries to piss you off all the time, too. :smiley:

I have seriously annoyed my cat by obtaining internet access and discovering SDMB, as more attention to computer = less attention to moggy. Especially the first evening I was playing with the 'net, the poor thing kept coming back from my bedroom and making sounds that managed to be bossy and plaintive simultaneously. Would this mean that I have a moral obligation not to use the computer? Anyway, the cat has plenty of chances to annoy me, you know, given the feline dislike of telephone calls, book-reading etc. on the part of the tame human.

Of course! Thats what they’re there for!* Otherwise what good are they… :smiley:

OH OH! Put a square of scotch tape on the pad of its paw!

The best is a sock on its head, it’ll walk backwards on its tiptoes with its butt high in the air and its head low! hehe

*Whammo by no means endorses annoying kitties.

I’ve seen idiots toss their cat over the pool into the bushes.

If it had hit the cement or the fence it could have been crippled. If it had gone in the water in mid-inhale it could easily have drown.

I don’t suppose it’s possible to annoy your cat this way:

Enter the room. Your very presence will cause its eyes to tear, its throat to break out in rash, and uncontrollable sneezing fits.

(I’m allergic, can you tell?)

Did you not read the OP? No one here is talking about whether it’s ok to physically abuse a cat; I think we can all agree that it’s not ok. We’re talking about teasing them, pissing them off - playing “Confuse-A-Cat.” Hell, my two boys piss each other all the time, and it is pretty damn funny. Except when it happens at 3am and Goblin runs to me for protection from his brother.

Isn’t this why most people have a cat?
It’s a pissing contest between owner and cat.

Cat: Let me sit on the book she is trying to read, that’ll annoy her.
Me: Look at the light. Chase it! Chase it right into the wall, you stupid cat.
Cat: Won’t she be suprised when I jump out from under the dining room table onto her bare feet with my claws extended!
Me: Look at this hand, I might pet you with it. Nope! I poked you with the other hand. When are you gonna figure out I have two hands?
Cat: Play with me! Play with me now! Play with me I said. Now. This second! I don’t care that you are trying to sleep. Do that in the middle of the day, like I do. Don’t tell me to shut up, I don’t speak human.

Probably, but it’s still a lot of fun.

My cat woke me up at 4 o’clock in the morning to tell me she wanted a treat. She also tells me when she’s puked on the carpet. She’s really good at annoying me.

Do I annoy my cat? As often as possible but not nearly enough to get the upper hand.

Two cats share our house with us. I must confess, I beep one of them on the nose as often as I can. I grab the cat, give him a BIG hug, touch his nose with a finger and thumb, and say “BEEPIE on the kitty nose!” while cackling like a madwoman. He always looks horrified and disgusted that I would disrupt his dignity like that. He objects to the hug as much or more so than the Beep. He usually only wants his “mom” (my daughter) to pick him up, and then ONLY if he feels the need for it. Otherwise, he’s a Busy Kitty, got things to do and bugs to kill and hamsters to watch. Sometimes he’ll want me to pick him up and pet him, but not often.

I generally don’t Beep the other cat, I just gently pet her. She’s 18 years old, and is feeling her age. She doesn’t need Beeps. Of course, she was perfectly happy being an Only Kitty before we got the little boy cat, so I guess you could say that she’s annoyed just by his existence.

I think putting tape on the bottom of their paws is pretty mean. I used to use my cats for my own personal entertainment. They like to chase laser lights, so that’s not really torture or anything. I also used to put hair ties around its tail and watch as it tried to get it off. That was fun. I never did anything to hurt it though.

I LOVE picking up Misty and giving her huge hugs and just saying, “I’ve got you now!”
The thing is, her trick is to come up behind you and give the most pitiful little cry, as if to say, “Please, pay attention to me!” And I go to touch her and she takes off like a bat out of hell.
This is the cat that crawls into the bathtub. This is the cat that wakes us up at four am, crawling all over me and purring. This the cat who chews on my hair.
This is the cat who asks for it. My dad calls her Miss Slice and Dice because she LOVES grabbing at you and hooking her claws and clamping her teeth into your flesh…to PLAY!!!

Depends on what you mean by annoy.

Laser pointers are fun, for dogs as well as cats. Don’t let them see the laser in your hand. Keep the spot near their paws or in their field of view as they chase it. Don’t shine it in their eyes; it probably won’t burn them, but you want to be safe. Make sure that they don’t get too winded, since they will be too busy to care.

My cat Saffron is gorgeous and loves to get me back for annoying her. I usually try to piss her off when she’s walking, by putting my foot under her belly, this causes her to try to step over my foot, can’t do it, so she reaches under, locks herself onto my leg and bites…HARD. We also play hide and seek, which results in her chasing me and biting my legs as I walk past.

I think my puppy is a cat (ok, he’s seven months old, but he still thinks he’s a puppy - mind you, so does the 9 year old!). Anyway, he does almost all of the cat things from this thread, plus getting picked on by the other dogs, and picking back - I don’t have to tease them, they’re so funny together.

My dogs are cavalier king charles spaniels & their pics (& mine) are at this url: