The Cat is a Masochist

I love animals. I would never be mean to an animal, and nothing makes me madder than people who abuse animals.

The cat likes being spanked :eek: It started off as patting & the firmer I would pat him the better he would like it, & now I’m just whaling the daylights out of him while he purrs like crazy. He will purposely seek me out for these attentions, so I don’t guess I’m really hurting him. On the contrary, I got little claw marks all over my sholder where he kneads me in delight. Anybody else encountered this in an animal? Does he need therapy or should I just chalk it up to “cats is wierd?”:stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of cats like to get spanked. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos of cats getting thumped all over, and it’s pretty evident that the cats in question just love it and ask for more. Two of our current cats adore it, and require at least one beating a day.

This cat clearly loves getting spanked too much: - YouTube .

Ok. I watched that. Now I feel dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had over a dozen cats in my life and I’ve never seen on that didn’t like to be spanked.

Sometimes you have to start off kind of gentle, tho, but it doesn’t ever take long to get up to full-on whaling on the cat’s butt.

Prolly my favorite part is the angry reaction they all seem to have when you just stop cold. Mine all turn and scold me loudly, demanding more. It’s freaking hilarious.

Yup. I’ve even made up a song (well, more of a chant), which you can recite in time with the spanks:

Who’s got a butt
And likes to have it spanked?
It’s [Cat Name]!
It’s [Cat Name]!

(softly)Who’s got a butt
And likes to have it spanked?
(louder)Who’s got a butt
And likes to have it spanked?
(loudly)Who’s got a butt
And *likes *to have it spanked?
(yelling)It’s [Cat Name]!
It’s [Cat Name]!

It’s also fun to increase the speed along with the volume at the end. The cats go nuts.

And yes, I’m a total weirdo.

I had a cat who liked to be spanked. We got so there was a regular rhythm to be followed for her satisfaction :slight_smile: She also liked to be groomed with the spiky side of a dog brush.

So the cat is a freak, but he’s not alone. Good to know.

As long as he doesn’t ask you to break out the ball gag and whip you should be ok…