Is it me, or does the Terminatrix look like a Kaminoan from Episode II?(spoiler)


Lame because it just looks lame? Or lame because it looks like a Kaminoan from Episode II?

I dunno, I think it looks alright. As far as terminators go, I guess.

It looks alright. “Terminatrix”, on the other hand, is just a dumb word.

If the toy is from McFarlane Toys, it’s lame by definition.

Lame because it looks lame.

It does look stupid, and like a Kaminoan. Its head looks…squashed. Freaky.

But is she made of liquid metal?

Huh? Isn’t this thing supposed to be able to masquerade as a human, after it’s covered with flesh? How the heck could any flesh covering make that thing look human?