Is it okay to watch the second season of Six Feet Under out of order?

I watched the first season of SFU a few months ago and really loved it, and I’ve been waiting for the second season to come into the library for weeks. Finally, it did. But disaster struck! Because of a computer mix-up, the library reserved five separate episode sets of SFU for me, instead of the full season set, which was what I wanted. And the discs aren’t going to come in in order, which means that I will either have to watch them out of order or cancel the individual discs and wait another two months until I can get all five discs at once. I have episodes 3-5 right now, and I’m wondering if it’s okay to watch them now, and not wait until I get the first two (which would suck, because then I’d have to return THIS disc, and maybe not get it again for a few weeks; you can only keep a disc out for a week). The first season of SFU was very continuous, and I probably would have been lost had I jumped into it in the third episode, but I don’t know if it became less soap-like in the second. I really wanted to curl up on the couch, make macaroni and cheese, and watch SFU (not in that order), but I’ll return this disc unwatched if watching it will spoil anything in the first two eps (well, I know it will spoil some things… I just don’t want to be lost), and my enjoyment in the series as a whole.

Please don’t spoil anything in the second season or beyond. Also, time is a factor! I’m hungry.

No. They are worth doing in order. Get Netflix if you have to.

I was afraid of that. I guess I’ll just wait two more months and get the box. If I could afford Netflix, I could afford to just BUY the DVDs. Meh, stupid library with their mislabeled product.