Is it possible to covert Flip video for use in Windows Movie Maker?

Any experts on the Flip video cameras around here?

I have several short videos shot with a Flip Ultra HD. They play poorly (jerky, choppy) in FlipShare (V.5.12), which gives me a message that my computer does not meet the minimum specs. They also play poorly when exported and played with VLC Player.

What I want to do with these videos is put them together in Windows Movie Maker, which only accepts WMV files. Does anybody know of software that will successfully covert the Flip videos to WMV (with less quality but smooth playback) on my computer?

WindowsXP Pro (SP 3)
Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz
1.5 GB RAM

Apps I’ve tried include TMPGEnc, Flip Video Converter and Avidemux, all of which produce files that look as bad in motion and in worse resolution than what I started with.

I realize that I’m down-converting from the HD quality of the original Flip video MP4 file, and I can live with that, but I was hoping to achieve videos with smooth motion as it appears when played back on the Flip camera itself.

It’s probably your computer, not the codec, that causes the unsmooth playback. It might not be fast enough to play HD video smoothly. Have you tried any other computers?

If you want to edit them in Movie Maker, I think you can use VirtualDub (or even VLC) to export the MP4 to an uncompressed AVI for editing and then let Movie Maker compress it back to WMV when it’s done.

The uncompressed AVI may or may not be any smoother (the technical reason is uncompressed video takes less CPU processing but more file reading activity, so you may simply end up swapping one bottleneck for another).

ETA: Maybe you’re saying you want to sacrifice some resolution in exchange for smoother playback. If that is indeed the case, VirtualDub will let you downsample to something reasonable (like 640 x 480), sacrificing quality but gaining playback smoothness.

We used Windows Movie Maker to edit our Star Wars Uncut clips without a hitch. Dunno why you’re having issues, unless it’s your Flip Ultra HD. IIRC ours was a basic Flip camera. :confused: