Is It Possible To Give Yourself Oral Sex?

In an SNL skit, Will Farrel (sp?) was able to do it after 3 years of yoga classes. I’m just wondering if it’s possible and if so, can yoga help me do it? :wink:

I’ve heard that some people are flexible enough and - ahem - big enough to do it. Unfortunately, I can’t and I’ve done yoga for many years. You may, however, develop enough flexibility. At any rate, it’s possible.

Watch any professional gymnast. I certainly cannot do those things, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A limber enough body, and enough practice…

probably,I’ve seen some very flexible people


And if you’re properly equipped, yep.

I saw a guy do it in a porno movie 20 years ago. Some girl told him to blow himself and he did.

This is discussed in the movie “Clerks”… somebody’s cousin tried it and boke his neck, leading to great embarassment…

TMI warning!!!

A few years ago, when I was much more flexible than I am now, I was able to just barely do this. Obviously I couldn’t get much of “it” into my mouth, not even all of the head. (And FTR, I’m not particularly big.) Still, it is possible, although greatly overrated.

You now know more about me than you ever wanted to. :slight_smile:

is it possible for a female to do it?

There was a member of my scout troop who could do this. Very entertaining at camp-outs, to say the least (and yes, he was hung like the proverbial horse)

What the hell kind of scouts were you?

And how old was this kid hung like a horse? And where the hell was the scoutmaster? Is there a merit badge for it?

how did he manage an erection at Scouts? it’s all boys isnt it?

Damit preview not submit.
Look for the two contortionists a little over halfway down.

JellyDonut, are you a guy or a girl?

It sure is possible at least for guys! But then you have to deal with two feelings, giving & receiving at the same time & your brain gets dizzy. I won’t tell just how I know that. lol


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JellyDonut, are you a guy or a girl?

It sure is possible at least for guys!
Do you mean, “Oh, I didn’t realize that not all guys can do this”? If more men could, I don’t know what might happen. I imagine that our species might eventually give way to other, less flexible species. I think dogs might be on top now if they couldn’t lick themselves.

I have an MPEG movie of a guy doing this.

I am not sure why I find it so fascinating because I already knew it could be done and I cannot do it.

btw i would reckon it wouldnt be too good on your internal organs giving yourself a bj. i mean you’d have to bend your back in such a way that they would get a bit crushed. and if you bobbed up and down like a proper bj, you could end up with you pancreas were your liver should be etc.


I have a guy friend who claims that this works:

Lie on your back either in bed or on a comfortable surface(this works best naked - obviously)

Then lift your legs up so they’re straight in the air and your body is in an L shape.

Follow this through until your feet touch the floor above your head (so your body is “folded” with the back of your legs facing up)

Now, if you can get an erection at this point…or if you alread have one, my friend claims that gravity will cause the offending member to just “drop” near your waiting mouth (eeeeew!). Just stretch your neck up a bit and go nuts (litterally)!

Why would you WANT to?