Auto Fellatio - A guy at work said he can.

Allegedly a member of our staff can give himself a blow-job. Though I didn’t witness him saying so.

A week ago the rumour was ‘Someone in the studio can…’ but now I know who it is I wish I didn’t.

Since no-one has approached him directly to confirm or deny the rumour, I ask:

1 How likely is it that this person can give himself head?

2 Is there a ‘1% can, 99% try’ or similar statistic?

3 Most importantly, is it something you can train yourself to do - or is the only ingredient raw talent?

Auto fellatio? What kind of person gives head to a car?

A curious doper might type “auto fellatio” in Google and see what kind of sites come up.

Your question might be answered. Your appetite for dinner might be curbed.

For the love of God, no links in this thread.

posted by Coldfire

For some reason that made me laugh.

I agree. If someone is really that curious about this sort of thing…they can find it easily enough on their own.

If he can, why does he leave home?

Quick answer: Yes.

A guy at a party did it as a “party trick” for a group of ladies. He then walked into the bedroom with 2 of them. (Not that he needs them I guess)


Well, it’s a change from the everpresent Darjeeling and cucumber sandwiches alright.

Thinking of a delicate way to pose this…

Why would a straight male (and not presuming the guy you know is) want to do this? The general reaction I’ve seen is along the lines of “because he can.” But I think that’s silly - even if I was that pliable, I wouldn’t want to do that. Maybe it’s just me.

I think the kinsey’s reports said that something like 3% of males succeed in self fellatio but i forget how many try ( if i spelled that wrong i apologize)

Surely you’ve heard the expression: “She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.”

I was thinking the exact thing when I read the OP.:eek:

in my, um, experience, it’s really been a matter of a very flexible back and … er … how do you say this politely … um, “magnitude”

  • OK, where’s that damned “blushing smilie” when you need him?

…and the one that goes “she (he) could ‘suck-start’ a harley” :eek:

That’s silly. Straight guys jerk themselves off, but they won’t jerk off other men (after adolescence that is).

Therefore, that member of your staff, must have a staff for a member.

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**The reports were reliable.

He was just that pliable.

His length was undeniable.

His position was unassailable,

He is clearly self-impaleable.

However-being married- he was unavailable.**



Your office wouldn’t happen to be in Nantuckette would it?

From the late, great, Bill Hicks: