Those men who can +++ their own +++

Hi SD,

I didn’t want to write anything perverse in the title, although the whole pornstar anal prolapse discussion was allowed, so anything goes, I guess.

But I would like to know, those rare few men who can autofellate, is it worth us other people getting jealous over? I mean, I wonder how good it really feels, given that you can’t tickle yourself because your brain know it’s coming. Does that affect the quality of the pleasure you give yourself?

It must be painful to stay in an autofellatio position. Does repeated use of this lead to future back problems and/or limit the quality of the orgasm? Is the whole “I’d never leave the house” cliche accurate? To me it’s one of those less explored corners of human sexuality.


Can people really do this, other than that guy from Nantucket?

I was expecting “tie their own tie,” so… yeah, can’t help with this one.

Oh yes, they can. Check any porn site if you don’t believe me.

Maybe I should have put four pluses instead of three in the thread title!


With my luck I’d be lean enough, limber enough, long enough, but have an intense gag reflex. :frowning:

This really requires someone else doing it for maximum pleasure. That is at climax, they keep going a tad longer when you yourself might stop. The experts for this are on / Casual Encounters / m4m. Takes another man to know how to do it right!

I never get tired of rubbing them off, so there’s that.

Put me in the f–k no camp. I can’t do it and the thought of it makes me cringe. And I’m not any sort of prude.

(bolding mine) Doesn’t this imply that you’ve tried?

What about the guys who can do themselves anally? Now that makes me feel a bit short handed…er…ummm


My husband can - and does - do it. He’s very tall and thin, and still very flexible at 50. He’s been able to do it since he was 11, and yes, it is worth us other people getting jealous over.

Oh, and mixdenny, he can do that too.

This thread is for people who just smile when someone tells them to go fuck themselves.

A star is born!


I cannot, but people are always encouraging me to try.

I have a few a**cquaintances that are fortunate, if you will, in this particular regard. Overwhelmingly the impression I get from them is that autofellatio feels more akin to giving rather than receiving, and consequently, if you have never fantasized about giving fellatio, you’re likely not missing out on anything.

I’m not a dude, but in my experience as a woman, it’s kind of hard to walk and chew gum at the same time. It seems you’d reach a certain pleasure threshold where you couldn’t concentrate on your work, therefore the job would remain unfinished. Also, wouldn’t you have to worry about involuntarily clamping your teeth down in the throes of pleasure?

It probably helps to be gay, frankly. I could just-about manage it when younger, but you’ve got to enjoy both giving and receiving to get any great thing out of it. And I don’t honestly enjoy either as much as someone perhaps should.

I’ve been told the same thing is true of 69. It starts out as mutual pleasuring, but, as things get very intense, at least one partner stops giving and just receives. Not out of greed or selfishness, but just unable to stay focused on the job at hand. (Mouth.)

Yeah, I’ve tried that and that was my general impression as well. IME things are usually better when the reciprocating partner can actually concentrate.