Is it possible...

I like the new boards. I wonder if perhaps I can stay, if I promise to be good and report bugs … like this one. That allows previously banned posters to post… once again.
So I put it out to those who are members of the teeming millions. Only meaningful well thought out posts. With a major lack of ego, and a new outlook on personal sensitivity.

I just hope I can stay. What do ya say mods/admins. I promise to be good and try to be nice.

If not. At least you know of the bug.

Signing out…


If the worlds a stage I want to operate the trap door.

Go for it Ogreman.

You’ll probably get warmed over a little ,but don’t let it bug you.

Only your posts will show for sure.

Hi ultress you beat me to the new board!

Well gee you sound sincere enough ogrefade and you know how us humans are very forgiving…however it’s lastly up to the mods/admins

Yes I did beat you here, my best friend, but I was still holding on tight to your hand. I don’t know what I’m doing, but at least I can get replies to post.

It’s OK by me. ::: shrug :::

You know, actually, when he was Urge he wasn’t doing too badly at first. He just kind of lost it at some point in the proceedings. Whatever the mindset was that you were using as the Urge, OgreFade, if the mods let you stay, you should try to stick to that. No whining, no ellipses (which are these … ), just talk.

He did take a fair amount of ribbing over in GQ, or maybe it was MPSIMS, for his Urge “ask me questions” thread, but I think he took it in fairly good grace.

I dunno. ::: shrug :::

I vote that we “not get around to” banning him for a day or so. The amount of work is the same and there are more pressing things to do while we iron out the bugs. If he works out, we can “forget” to ban him, if he acts like a jerk. . . .

As many bad things as I’ve said about him, if the gods of vBulletin are letting him back in, I’ll gladly second Tom’s suggestion.

I agree with Tom~ - no harm in giving the kid another chance. Easy to ban him again if he returns to jerkhood, and I’d rather see him become a valued member of the Teeming Millions. People learn things besides facts on this board - they also gain maturity, learn communication and social skills, and (sometimes) tolerance, or at least awareness, of others’ viewpoints.

Greatest place on the 'net!

I wonder if perhaps this works… I only want to participate. If it does work… come bust my chops. Again… Bad mods, I think they have a personal vendetta. Who knows. I guess its their job.

The Urge
Email me!!!

or petition the mods/admins to let me back on.

gett’m all!!

Okay, you’re verging on “schmuck” here, babe. Constructive criticism time.

This remark: “Bad mods, I think they have a personal vendetta. Who knows. I guess its their job” is NEGATIVE, and constitutes WHINING. You are once again WHINING.

STOP WHINING. We are NOT going to “petition the mods” to let you back on even if you AREN’T whining, because as Tom~ JUST POINTED OUT, if you had been paying attention, the mods have much more important things on their plate, like basically redesigning the entire Straight Dope Message Board from the ground up, and they DON’T have time to deal with you, or with a whole flock of e-mails petitioning them to please, please pretty please let OgreFade come back.


In that case, I assure you, they will MAKE time to deal with you.


Also, the remark “I wonder if perhaps this works… I only want to participate. If it does work… come bust my chops. Again…” if interpreted to mean, “I want to come back, but if I come back you’ll probably all just bust my chops again” is ALSO negative, and ALSO constitutes WHINING.

Cut it out.

I liked you better as The Urge. Bring him back; put OgreFade back in the box.

actually they banned ‘ogrefade’ already. Thats what I was talking about. I don’t wish to whine.

I’m just making sure that my account still works.
The Urge

Is it possible . . .

that we spoke too soon? I can’t believe that someone accidentally got a second chance and immediately slammed the mods. Especially when everyone is most probably tired and cranky. And to suggest that any of us e-mail the mods and petition on his behalf? snort

I withdraw my suggestion to let his banning slide.

I wasn’t given a second chance. Theres a reason I slammed them. Think about it.
I’ll be in the GQ or GD until I get banned again, for doing nothing wrong.

The Urge.


Well, Fading Urge, somehow I doubt that you’re still around, or that you will be for long. But here’s a little hint:

Your ‘Urge’ post should have read something like this:

“Oops, looks like the OgreFade account didn’t hold up - I sure hope they let me stick around for a little while with this user name and prove myself. Oh, and thanks for speaking up for me, guys. I really appreciate it.”

The above example demonstrates maturity, respect for authority, and gratitude for small favors from strangers.

Hint #2: You are not the center of the universe. You are just another pimple on the ass of God, like the rest of us. The world doesn’t owe you any favors, and neither does this message board. Deal with it.

Hint #3: When strangers offer you a helping hand, don’t demand an arm and a leg as well.

Geez, why am I bothering? Never mind, I’m going to go find someone intelligent to talk to.

What was the banning for, anyway? I’m new here and
the links no longer connect that explain this case.:confused:

I’m not positive, but believe the final straw was when he more-or-less threatened to shut the message board down by getting a domain name or something, creating 5000 e-mail addys, and spamming the board with them.

Not something guaranteed to make you popular.