Is it square to get a picture of a surfer on my new laptop?

More laser etch mods

Powerbook etch

A little over the top


More etching

Watch out: you may be getting an off brand!

Do kids still worry about being square?

Wow - I’m so square I don’t even know what that means.

Christ on a cracker, I’m so fucked up right now I can’t even make a simple decision. <sigh>

It’s a funny - “DELL” vs “Del”. Sometimes really cheesy knockoffs use a misspelled variant of a brand name to fool unsophisticated consumers.

Here’s the image you should get Alice (without the upper left book of course)
Here are some other other AIWL illustrations

Now THAT would be cool. Sadly, it’s not one of the choices I get.

Here’s a stupid question - does DELL stand for something? Or is it just Dell, but all caps to be stylish?

Michael Dell - billionare

Humm, I guess I could have looked that up, huh?

i is smart

exactly, Norrin Rad would be the only thing that could save that laptop

My friend just got a new laptop and didn’t want the skin, so he ordered the one I wanted. Yay for new laptop skins. I got the pink one with cherry blossom thinggies.

Who cares what the kids think if you like it?

Oh, what I wanted to ask: how easy is it to remove these stickers? Or is it there for life?

You know, if you’re confident enough, everything you do is cool.

Humm - well I wonder if I’m THAT confident…

Lets see…

Redhead - check.
Great rack - check.
Puts out - check.

Yep - looks like I’m good to go. Sticker it is!

“Is it square”…hmm, haven’t heard that phrase since Elvis was thin.

Yeah, I was thinking it might be square to use the term square…

Oh probably. I call stuff “swell” too.

I guess the sticker isn’t going to make much difference…