Is it square to get a picture of a surfer on my new laptop?

So - I’m getting a new laptop (it’s very boring and unexciting).

There’s a nifty option where you can get a picture on the front of it, and I want a surfer, just 'cus.

Are the other kids going to point and laugh and call me rude names?


Probably not :slight_smile:

That all depends. Are you a 14-year-old with a laptop? If so, then No.

If you’re older than 14? Hell Yes.

I’ll be nicer… Do you surf?


Why don’t you get something cool then?

I’d say it’s better than a unicorn standing in front of a rainbow.

I seem to recall that you have some really cool Anthropologie shoes. Wear those, and you can have any picture you want on your laptop without being mocked. But without the shoes, you’re gonna get a boatload of “Gidget” jokes.

Is this new laptop coming from Calgary’s Voodoo? If so, we know two people there.

Nope - it’s coming from Del.

I know a variety of people from Voodoo too - infact, one of them is the one who helped me choose the items for my boring laptop, as well as being the one who mentioned that the pic might be lame.

Who do you know? Rahul? Des? Little Kim? Big Kim? who? who?

Not if it’s a Silver Surfer. :slight_smile:

It’s not Silver Surfer - it’s just sort of beachy with a palm tree and a surfer and some waves and stuff.

It seems to be sort of a mixed bag of reactions. Some people think it’s cool, and some people think it’s super uncool.

What to do, what to do.

Ryan and Dave.

What if I surf badly?

If you surf badly, it’s an homage to the person you want to be. Slap a big sticker on it that says “GREMMIE” and you’re good to go.

Apparently Dave isn’t there anymore.

Actually I was going to slap a SexWax sticker on there and hope people were distracted by the visual…

That’s an awfully new development, then. He was there when I was in town.

Apparently 5 people quit today alone.

If you want it, just get it. If you don’t want it, don’t. I seem to remember some proverb about the futility of pleasing people.

Even if people snicker, at least it’ll be a distinctive machine.

Too true. Who’s going to want to nick a laptop with a picture of a surfer on it? So, it’s got safety going for it.

I am mistaken. Dave left a year ago.