Is it too late to draft Mike Hunt for President?

Maureen Dowd in the Times has been pushing for Idaho Governor Butch Otter, simply because she likes writing “Butch Otter.”

But Butch Otter has nothing on Aiken County (South Carolina) Sheriff Mike Hunt. We only have a couple of weeks left–is it too late to get up a grass-roots movement to get Mike Hunt into the White House?

I mean, seriously, who would you rather spend the next four years looking at: Obama, Romney, or Mike Hunt? Everybody: “Mike Hunt or Bust!”

Hugh G Rection is busy?


Mike Hunt was Aiken? I did not know that.

Buster Hyman is throwing his hat into the ring, I hear.

The only drawback about the White House is that if you page Mike Hunt, it might involve an intern.

Anthony Weiner should be his VP.

Is this an election discussion or a discussion about male porn stars?

Yeah, he’s working as a trainer for WWE.

If he could convince Amanda Hugenkiss to sign on as VP, I think there’s potential.

Sorry, Mike Hunt is planning on being busy this weekend.

If so, what about Hugh Jass?

He’s more Cabinet material - I would have expected Mike Hunt to take an Interior post.

Would you like to see a picture of Mike Hunt (freshly shaved)?

I just don’t know… >Prays to Dick Armey for guidance<

Not what I was expecting. I thought he’d be a Brazilian.

Mike Hunt serves at the pleasure of the President.

Well, we already had eight years of Bush.

I assume Mike Hunt will be open to bipartisan compromise.

if Hillary Clinton say, “Mike Hunt is the one to vote for”, what then? WHAT THEN?!

Maybe, but you know there will be a whole lot of people trying to split it right down the middle.