"Mike Hunt for President!"

As pointed out in another thread, the Sheriff of Aiken County, SC, is Mike Hunt (and yes, he goes by “Mike,” not “Michael”).

After amusing myself for awhile imagining myself his receptionist ("This is Mike Hunt’s office . . . No, you cannot see Mike Hunt. Yes, I know where Mike Hunt is . . . "), I decided that despite Mike Hunt being a Republican, I’d like to start a, ummm, grass-roots organization to draft him for President in '08, solely for the comedy value.

Let’s face it, the Democrats are not going to find anyone electable, and wouldn’t Mike Hunt make a better president than Rick Santorum or Jeb Bush?

Let’s get started on stump speeches and slogans! “The Future of America is in Mike Hunt!”

He’s not as hairy as I’d thought he’d be.

Yes, it would seem that Mike Hunt has been shaved.

He looks like Schillinger-era J.K. Simmons.

Something about him just looks slippery.

Some funny lips on that one.

I wonder if his opponent might be Dick Hertz ?

Something’s awfully fishy here.


“There’s only one answer to today’s political questions: Mike Hunt!”

“What’s Mike Hunt hiding?”

“A vision of Mike Hunt’s Aiken…” (say it)

That’s more like it! C’mon, wouldn’t we all like to see Mike Hunt in the White House?

Given that he lives near the Atlantic, does that mean that in his speeches, would Mike Hunt have a slight east inflection?

Political ad…

::cue southern matrons sitting in a lawn chair::

SM1: Mike Hunt is the real deal!
SM2: I’m behind Mike Hunt all the way!

Paid for by the Friends of Mike Hunt Foundation

“Mike Hunt running again”

Read My Lips! No Brazilian waxes.

I’d vote for Mike Hunt, a candidate I know and trust. I will not, however, vote for his brother, York. I don’t really know York Hunt all that well.

You realise this would mean getting Bush out of the White House just to get Mike Hunt in…

I have always thought that Mike Hunt should get wider exposure. Mike Hunt is a comer. Up Mike Hunt.

Will it be a tight race? Wil Mike Hunt get licked by the opposition? Has anyone gotten an accurate head count?

I really want to work for Mike Hunt’s campaign. Mike Hunt looks like a winner if there ever was one!