Is it vaguely creepy if a guy only likes women who are significantly shorter than he is?

Let’s define significantly shorter as being, oh, six inches or more. Let’s also ignore the outliers on the male side. That is, if you’re a 6’10" NBA player, you don’t have much choice in the matter.

And now back to the question. If part of a heterosexual male’s definition of hot woman is “more than a head shorter than I am, regardless of other physical attributes she may possess,” is that vaguely creepy? If yes, why? If not, why not?

It’s only creepy if he expects the top of her head to be flat.

It is part of my definition but its not a hard and fast rule. My wife is taller than I am and I do find her attractive.

The creepy part would be the word “only” in your question. I.e. the idea that a man could be incredibly attracted by a 5’4" woman but would feel no attraction at all if she put on a pair of 2" heels.

Then again, I doubt such a person exists.

I don’t think it’s creepy for a tall person to prefer petite women in general, though.

I’m not sure why it would be “creepy”, exactly. Would it imply he’s looking for someone childlike in stature? Or that he intends to dominate her physically, in an abusive way? If that’s what you meant, I wouldn’t assume anything like that.

It certainly might make me think he’s got some insecurity issues, though. I’d figure he has a thing about needing to feel big (heh) and strong, and being the hero and protector. But I’ve met enough guys like that that I wouldn’t even consider that particularly weird. Jerkish, maybe, but not unusual.

I’ll start here -

According to this Average height, in the US, the average height for men is 5’ 9.5", the average height for women is 5’ 4". So, the average difference is 5.5". IMHO your definition of significant is just a little weak, it’s just a half inch over average.

That being said, since the average difference is 5.5" I would say that no one would even notice the height difference between you and your preferred type, 'cause it’s so normal.

I guess I’d explore the vaguely creepy factor of being so hung up on this?

I’m not hung up on it; note that I expressed no opinion one way or the other. I was simply starting a thread based on an overhead conversation, as is my wont.

It certainly can be an indication of insecurity on the man’s part- I have a male friend who is slightly insecure about his height, and when he was dating a girl more than three inches taller than him, they agreed that she would never wear high heels when out together. And certainly I’ve known short men who have serious hang-ups about their height and won’t date anyone who isn’t quite small.

As to normal or tall men who wouldn’t date a woman unless she was much shorter- I’ve never noticed this in someone*, but if I did, I guess I’d be a little taken aback. It could just be that “cute” women are his type, and shorter women are more likely to fit that “cute” stereotype.
*Except, I guess, myself, though I’d never realized it. I’m 5’11" and I’ve never been involved with someone more than about 5’6". Then again, I haven’t actually dated that much. I’d have no objection to tall women, I guess, except that I have a gut feeling that a woman should feel small in my arms, though most women my height or even a little taller would still fit that criterion.

I’ve got to vote not creepy, though I’d be more comfortable if you changed “only likes” to “prefers.” Personally I love women who are about 12 inches shorter than me. The hugs are more comfortable. But I meet plenty of taller women who are wonderful exceptions to the rule.

No creepier than women who prefer tall men.

I don’t think it’s creepy. It’s a preference, like men who like red hair. It may limit his dating options, but if he’s okay with that, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

The word only is necessary for the question to be meaningful, isn’t it? If a man likes shorter women but isn’t exclusive about it, nobody would even think of calling it creepy.

Well, maybe Andrea Dworkin.

If he’s looking for a chick who’s that perfect blowjob height, then maybe. Otherwise, it’s just personally annoying–I’m six feet tall and am occasionally annoyed to see tall men with tiny women. Date me! We’ll match up better!

Not that I have anything against dating shorter men, per se–the last boyfriend was 5’6". But they *do *tend to sometimes have chips on their shoulders about it, even if they’re subconscious ones.

Not in the least creepy. What’s the next question: do women who only like men much taller than her have daddy issues?

Would you like to bend down a bit and tell me that to my face? :slight_smile:

I know a guy who claims to be 5’7’’ (but I think is actually about 5’6’’) that does exactly this. He will say a girl is attractive, but if she puts on heels, he immeditely is disgusted by her. He says this is because heels are “ugly”, I think it’s because he has a Napoleon complex. Even his basic body language changes when he’s standing next to a group of otherwise small woman, who are towering over him when we go out.

I am 6’1" and I don’t have a strong preference other than I am not really attracted to women over 5’8" or 5’9" and shorter is better. The classic-model, tall, lean, and well-toned look just doesn’t do it for me. It sets off my fairy man vibes a little too strongly but I could make an exception for a little taller given the right person. A female taller than me simply isn’t going to cut it though I imagine although I don’t know very many females that tall. I prefer around average height for females and that puts it within your range. There isn’t anything creepy about it. I couldn’t even tell you the height of most women I know quite well if they aren’t in front of me when you ask the question. I just don’t notice although shorter males tend to put me on edge.

Human males and females differ in a number of ways, and it’s perfectly normal for a man to prefer women with traits from the feminine end of the spectrum (or vice-versa), even (or especially) when the trait is more pronounced than normal. This is why, for instance, so many men like big breasts, because women have larger breasts than men, and why women tend to like men with broad shoulders, because men tend to have broader shoulders than women. And by the same token, men tend to be taller than women, and so it makes sense for men to be attracted to shorter women, and women to taller men.

Now, if a guy makes this such a high priority that he categorically rules out romantic relationships with women who are too tall, I’d say that’s pretty shallow, the same as I’d say of a man who categorically rejects a woman whose breasts are too small. But I still wouldn’t call it “creepy”, per se.

Hey, in some parts of the world having a flat-topped head is a very advantageous and practical trait for a woman to have.

What is a “fairy man vibe”?

I am 5’8" and sensitive, so I feel hurt when a man is attracted only to short women. Yes, I know it’s silly, and let’s not argue about it–it’s just how I feel. I told you, I’m sensitive. And I prefer to date men who are over 5’10", so I’m doing the same thing. I also prefer men with a paunch over thin men, so there’s that.

It’s not creepy, exactly, for a man to prefer only women who are significantly shorter than him, but it definitely makes me feel that the man prefers to be physically dominant over his little flower, that he feels big and manly next to a small woman. It may not be accurate and it may not be fair, but that’s my kneejerk reaction.