Is Labneh or Labaneh something I should try?

I saw it in the grocery store the other day and it looked interesting. Apparently it’s sort of like cream cheese, but its parent is yogurt? Do you spread it on toast or bagels? I like trying new food, but I hate to buy a huge tub of something that I’m not going to finish.

Who’s a labneh fan here?

It’s like Greek yogurt. Good on pita, grilled chicken, pretty much anything middle eastern.

I don’t know that I agree with the notion that labneh is a replacement for Greek yoghurt, but otherwise this Epicurious article linked below describes it. You generally find it served with olive oil and za’atar (thyme, sumac, salt, and toasted sesame seeds) but it is also good with oregano and fennel, or cinnamon with a drizzle of honey.


It’s kind a bit like a cream-cheesy yogurt. I mean the flavor is not as much cream cheese as yogurt, but the consistency is similar, but not quite as thick. It’s perhaps between Greek yogurt and cream cheese in consistency. It’s good stuff.

Like a lot of Middle Eastern food there are innumerable regional, cultural and family variations, and you can get into a life-long quest to find the world’s best labneh recipes for you.

Its one of those foods that can carry sweet, savoury and spicy flavours so if you are confident experimenting with jazzing up your food a bit, its an excellent base.

Okay, this definitely sounds like something I need to get some of. I’ll be doing that very soon. Thanks, y’all.