Is Lindsay Graham going to lose his seat?

Or just mulish.

He’s terrified if he tests positive, he won’t be able to preside over the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings next week for Amy Coney Barrett. He’s not the only one. Chuck Grassley, who also sits on the committee, refuses to test as well. Among others. If they lose a couple more Senate Republicans, they may not even have enough votes to get her through.

He might also have been looking for a way out, fearing another asskicking.

I sure hope he will lose. I mean, I feel like I’m seriously going to go nuts.

How is this ok?

By coincidence I did exactly the same thing last night (hadn’t seen your earlier post at the time) - first time I’ve donated to any political cause in the U.S. So much hinges on getting the Senate, with the added motivation of kicking out these particularly deplorable Trump enablers.

Why aren’t Democrats making a bigger deal about this? They should be demanding that every Senator attending the confirmation hearings take a Covid test.

Translation: Don’t get uppity.

To what end? They can demand all that they want. How will they enforce their demand?

It not about enforcing, its about reinforcing the message that Republicans aren’t taking Covid seriously. It’s their strongest argument going into the election.

As a matter of fact, Senators Harris, Booker, and Leahy are demanding exactly that.

538 has Graham was a 3-to-1 favourite as of today; throwing in GOP cheating and vote suppression, and Harrison’s chances are probably under 15%. Not impossible, of course. There’s still three weeks to go.

only way he loses is if enough white people stay home and that is very unlikely Some might not vote for Trump but still vote for Graham

It’s my understanding that those three are attending the hearings remotely. Can I correctly assume that only those physically present can constitute a quorum? (i.e. if Graham had attended remotely, he wouldn’t have been able to chair/vote?)

I for one hope he does