A Pox On You, Saxby Chambliss

**Heavy Black Turnout Threatens Georgia Senator **

Wherein he opines, to witless:

Are you so utterly and morbidly dense you don’t grasp the implications of your speech? Or so corrupt that you would employ the basest human biases if it will gain you votes?

You just said, in essence, “Vote for me because I’m white”.

I’ll give you the benefit of the slightest doubt, that maybe you didn’t consider what you were saying. But the longer you take before you throw yourself blubbering in shame before the public, the less likely that becomes.

The alternative, of course, is that you’re a festering goat rectum, and a stain upon the office you infect. Rot. Soon.

He clearly sees it as us against them. Not promising for a politician.

I’m not really seeing what he said here’s that’s so objectionable. He didn’t say “Vote for me because I’m white.” That would be silly…Jim Martin’s white too.

He said he’s not worried about the early voting showing his opponent leading, because blacks, who tend to be early voters, vote for Democrats, and that the wave of early voting will inspire his supporters to come out for him on election day.

Now, I don’t know that he’s right when he’s saying this. There does seem to be increased African American turnout, and I think that might cost him the election, because, again, blacks tend to vote Democratic.

There’s plenty of good reasons to dislike Saxby Chambliss, but I don’t think this is a good one.

Election campaigns tend to be us against them.

This is of course the man who got in office by impugning the patriotism of a triple-amputee war veteran incumbent. Not at all surprising.

There are sane and decent people in Georgia. Unfortunately, the past few years they’ve been in the minority.

Truth is no defense here,** Cap’n.** It may well be true that yo mamma so fat she uses a hula hoop to keep her stockings up, but there is no reason for me to mention it.

But perhaps my wording is clumsy, perhaps he didn’t say “Vote for me because I’m white”, perhaps what he really meant was “Vote for me because you are white”. Yes, I can see how much better that is. Much the same way typhoid is better than ebola.

That’s a bit unfair. He said “vote for me or the other guy will win”. He didn’t bring race into it; African-Americans are apparently voting against him in droves.

He didn’t say that either. All he said was basically “Black people historically make up the majority of early voters.” I don’t see that that’s particularly offensive.

And there was a reason to mention it. He was trying to counteract the perception that the fact that his opponent is polling well among early voters means that he’s going to lose. So, obviously, the way to answer is is by saying that early voters tend to belong to a demographic that supports the opposing party.

I mean, how is that different than the following comment made before the 2006 election, about the senatorial race in Virginia? Do you consider it offensive too?

I think he made that clear enough six years ago.

FYI, from now on I’m going to call my penis Saxby Chambliss.

Saxby Chamblis has always struck me as the worst name in the senate. That collection of syllables sounds like a curse Hermione Grainger would yell at the top of her lungs.

Just curious, is it offensive if they say it like they did here in Hillsborough County, Florida (not Saxby Chambliss territory, but the same meme):

Saxby Chambliss is a miserable boil on Georgia’s already dark past.

I have never felt more ashamed to be a Georgian than when he succeeded at obtaining Max Cleland’s senate seat through the worst campaign tactics this side of the Republican party.

Hell is too good for him. I’ll settle with him just losing his seat for right now.

This sort of dickery is why people take offense with you. What has your penis ever done to deserve being insulted like that?


Well, Freud got it exactly backwards, its not “penis envy”, its penis shame, that’s why we’re always looking for some place to hide it.

Take a look again at what Chambliss said.

First the African-Americans turn out. . . . then our side turns out.

Anyway, he’s a douche, from way back. Enjoyed voting against him.

Right…and? “Our side” means the Republicans, because the African-Americans are on “their side”…they’re Democrats.

Who the fuck names their kid “Saxby” for crying out loud?

Wow, I was going to post about this too, but from another source (Politico). That source added an extra line that put the above into perspective.

I don’t think he’s just talking about Democrats there.

But he said their side is black, not Democrat. He is presuming that all blacks vote Democrat, and all whites vote Republican.

But almost all blacks in Georgia do vote Democrat, and almost all whites in Georgia do vote Republican.