Stupid Saxby Chambliss

After being a part of the recent Republican effort to oppose Obama at every turn, Saxby Chambliss is leaving the Seanate at the end of his term due to…Gridlock!

Five bucks says there is a nice little lobbying gig is his future.

Good riddance Saxby, and try not to slander any disabled Vietnam vets on the way out the door, mmkay?

Somebody get that crocodile a hanky.

I’d be filled with a lot of stupidity and hate as well if my last name was Chambliss, and my parental units decided to name me “Saxby.” Good fucking God, how his parents must’ve despised him. Like “Chain you to a radiator in the basement and feed you only moldy bread and sewer water” despised.

It was choice between “Saxby” and “Prisswilly”.

Based on his personality, they chose wrong.

I bet he takes a wide stance when he’s on the toilet.

Obamablocking notwithstanding, conventional wisdom is that “Taxby” is essentially being forced out for not being enough of a right-wing dickbag to please his fellow jackals… er, Republicans, as mentioned here. While I’ve never been a fan, I’m going to begin shuddering now at the prospect of what may replace him-- some tricorned beast reeking of tea leaves, giddy at the prospect of impeachment and dedicated to keeping Georgia one of America’s key laughingstock states, as tradition would have it.

My father used to tell me about a man who ran a drayage service in Tennessee using mule drawn carts to carry goods over the the mountains into Georgia. I think one of his mules shit out Chambliss before returning. I’ll never forgive the way he treated Max Cleland.

Stupid Saxby Chambliss. “Feels like wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.”

Glad I’m not the only one who read the OP like that! :smiley:

You’re exactly right. This is a good thing for Georgia Democrats, because Saxby actually understands that the Republican Party is backwards in a lot of areas. He was also willing to cross the aisle a little, working with Kay Hagan on a few projects. He most certainly isn’t stupid, and I doubt he’s being forced out.

Whoever they replace him with will probably be a braying jackass, giving the Dems a somewhat decent chance of winning a seat in the Senate.

No chance at all of a Democrat?

At least that link says: “UPDATE 12:34: A Gingrich spokesman now says that the former speaker ‘will not be a candidate in the 2014 GOP Senate primary.’” So that’s a relief.

Any chance Max Cleland might come back?

A lot of the TP thinks Gingrich a heretic/apostate for his criticism of the Ryan Budget and some of his stances regarding immigration.

Herman Cain says he won’t run either because he’s busy with a radio show. I mean, he said it in a more confusing and entertaining way and I assume he was groping or flirting with an employee while he said it, but that was the gist of it.

That makes this one of those instances in which I can sincerely say that I didn’t think I’d live to see the day. But yes, the neocons are now being looked upon as prey by the 'baggers. Hell, that’s reaping what you sow, I guess.

Let’s just hope its another sign of the TP imploding. Let them mount these challenges in the primaries and win as long as they lose to someone with a brain in the general election. Stay in bed with Grover Norquist and and his ilk, blow mountains of money, then fail. We saw how that worked out last November.

This. Fucking hypocritical douchebag.

I would sooner drink hemlock than vote for that namby-pamby Saxby Chambliss! I mean, what kind of name is that, Saxby Chambliss?! You know, back in my day, a guy named Saxby Chambliss comes up to you and says he’s runnin’ for the Senate, you put him in a BARREL and send him over a WATERFALL!! I want a man up there with a name I can TRUST! A man with a name like the guys I grew up with! Not a man with a name like Saxby Chambliss! Or Zackamore Hooberry! Goolsby Scroggins! Mortimer Fapp! Derval Mackinaw! Ebenezer Yakbain! Jasper Quazzeltoot! I used to work in a saloon with a guy named Peabody Tilcutt! Now, I don’t know a thing about his politics, but I wouldn’t vote for that man for President of the PTA! I bet his running mate would have had a name like Saxby Chambliss!

Trust me, you do not want a guy like Saxby Chambliss! Okay? And you wouldn’t be much better off with a man named Bernhart Barnthistle!! Or Templeton Thappletrap! Fitzner Blout! Beezleton Kernwinkle! Kip Joggletog! You know, I’m kinda runnin’ out of names here but you get the point! Oh, thought of another one: Clementine Dimplethippy!

Ya know, if I were a Georgian, I’d vote for a guy named YogSosoth. Sound like a feller you can trust.

That burning three lobed eye just inspires confidence!