Is Marvin Gay Gay? Is Stephen King King of the horror genre?

Does Ann Rule Rule the true crime genre?

Was Tom Swift swift?

Does Minnie Driver drive?
Does Tom Cruise cruise?
Why won’t my cruise control control Tom Cruise?
Why won’t Cher share her secrets?

Will Smith?

For food.

Is it true that Tom Waits waits?
Could Gerald Ford ford a river?
Did Stephen Crane crane his neck to battles as they happened?
Did Anthony Hope hope?

Did everyone hope Bob Hope would bob for apples?

Does Chewbacca chew tobacco?

Tom Waits for no man.

Mark Spitz?

Does Ed Balls head balls?

Did Keith Moon somebody? (I’m sure he did, but Who?)

Ironically, Barry White and Frank Black aren’t.

Tyra Banks! (right)?

And Quasi goes with anything!

I am the perfect accessory!



Neither is Tom Green.

Or Vida Blue.

Does Tom Cruise?

On Diane Lane.

Are Big & Rich big and rich?

What drove Oscar Wilde?

I know there was a movie with something like that in its tagline, but damned if I can find it.