Is men's hair & women's hair exactly the same or not?

Disregarding chest and arm hair, with respect to public and head hair, within similar ethnicities, is men’s and women’s hair more or less exactly the same on average in terms of thickness, texture etc.?

More or less, yes. in male/female Caucasians, hair is actually flat like linguini. In many Asians, the hair shaft is more round and like a noodle. There are other differences around the globe, but between males and females of similar backgrounds, hair is similar. Many Caucasian men sporting hair systems, weaves, etc, are walking around with the hair of Asian women, so even the differences influenced by ethnicity aren’t that great.

However, in males the hair may become wispy and thinner as the follicle succumbs to the effects of testosterone/DHT. This happens in women, too, but much less often.