Is Michael Jackson dead?

Under all the pressure the public has put Michael Jackson through the past several years, is it safe to assume Michael Jackson is dead to us? Were doctors ordered to blotch his facial surgeries over the years so he’d become our ever entertaining circus act (Let’s make one of the first black men to enter pop culture an uncle tom). Entertainment is so powerful, yet so often utilized by the common man. Michael was a master of this. Perhaps he’s still alive and livin it up with Farrah Fawcett on a(no ignorance allowed here)beautiful Pacific island(just like Amelia Earhart, the girl who walked alone). They were friends, it’s possible. Then again they could’ve died just like the AUTHORITIES claimed. However the LA Times claimed he was dead, then in a coma, then dead again. Fox news said they weren’t sure until about seven o’clock and I say it could all be hogwash. Whichever be the case, I’d say they were both pinup thrillers in their own rights and now I think I’ll go do the moonwalk, hee heeeee…go on girl.

I think there’s a Pit thread on which you can go and join the dogpile. Knock yourself out.


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