Michael Jackson has died

Formerly of “The Jackson 5”,a 70’s “Motown” singing group.



“Rio” by Duran Duran

Ever hear the expression “A day late and a dollar short?”

Try two days.

I can’t tell if this is a massive whoosh or if MadTheSwine has been in captivity by a supervillain the last few days.


What was it like on Mars, MadTheSwine?

I hear Farrah Fawcett’s not feeling too well, either.

It’s Saturday.

The whole world (minus one, apparently) knew about it on Thursday.

Lotsa nougat,some chocolate topped with almonds.

I heard the same…I had Jackson in my death pool…if Farrah goes I might win.

Thanks for the news, OP, I don’t know why the news doesn’t mention this. Goddamn liberal media.

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Did I miss any?

I probably shouldn’t have to explain this closing. But, just in case…