Is my cat jewish?

I try to avoid fat in my pets diet, but from time to time they eat some bacon (once a month, to be precise). In fact, two of my three cats, Boris and Pikachu, are crazy about bacon. They smell the bacon and come running. But my third cat, Solo, abhors bacon. He actually leaves the room in disgust everytime there’s bacon on the menu. Vot is zat? Is he a jewish cat, or something?

I guarantee you that your cat is not Jewish. ;j

Zev Steinhardt

Check to make sure that Solo is not actually an alien life form hiding in a feline body. I know of no living thing that does not enjoy bacon, the greatest of all meat products. Some may choose not to eat it for moral purposes, but none can deny the power of the pig. The cats in our house fight each other for bacon.

Your cat is probably not jewish, but a good test would be to get a dradle and spin it on the floor. If the cat shows interest, then you’ll know. ;j

Is he circumcised? ;j

Oy, that would be difficult! ;j

(Beware: it gets gross after this…)

When I had Zoology in HS, we disected cats one quarter. When we got to the unit on sexual organs, we were suppose to simply find the organs and point them out to our teacher. Well, we couldn’t. (My lab partner had picked our cat initially, a large one. He thought it meant larger organs. It really meant organs covered in fat.)

I told my teacher it was a male cat because there wasn’t a womb nor ovaries. But he wanted to see the penis. I said there wasn’t one. He looked. He couldn’t find it either. He then started looking through our excised flesh of the day. He found it. We had accidentally given our cat a Bobbitt. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I don’t know if they still do cat disections in school anymore. But if they do, remember: GET THE SKINNY CATS.

Maybe just cat just doesn’t like the taste? :rolleyes:

Tell your cat Happy Hanukkah for me, and remember to light the candle for him. Cats should not play with matches.


Don’t muslims also avoid pork?
Maybe he is Muslim. It is Ramadan. Is he fasting during the day?

I thought Ramadan was in February. (At least, it was in February during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.)

Cats are weird. We had two cats who loved tuna, and now one who won’t touch the stuff.

Cats are sooo picky.

Believe me, it can be hard to sex cats. Cats have a penis pouch (this is my vets explanation) for when they are lurking close to the ground. This helps to explain why my male cat, who I acquired as a three-month old, is named Anastasia. Fun, no?

Ramadan started a coupla weeks ago, I think. Maybe even earlier than that.

Ramadan doesn’t correspond to specific months on our (Julian?) calendar. It’s all realted to the Muslim calendar which, just a WAG, is related to phases of the moon. So Ramadan will probably fluctuate year-to-year.

The Muslim calendar is based on the moon. The lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. Unlike the Jewish calendar, the Muslim calendar does not use “leap years” to keep the calendar in sync with the solar year. Thus, if the start of Ramadan were to fall on Dec 19 this year (I don’t know that it did, I’m just picking a date), then it would start somewhere around Dec 8 the next year (give or take a day based on the lunar cycles). Thus, all the Muslim holidays cycle through the calendar three times per century. So, while Ramadan fasting is short now (while in December), in about 15 years or so, it will fall out in June, when Muslims will have to fast longer.

Zev Steinhardt

It started on November 27 this year and goes through December 25, according to this web site:

One way to tell if your cat is Jewish:

does he say “Meow,” or just “Oy?”