Is Ohio State really #1?

That intereference call in OT was probably the worst I’ve ever seen. If that call is made correctly, Miami wins. I’m not a big Canes fan (understatement), but they have a legitimate beef about this game.

Ohio State lived off 5(!) Miami turnovers, the loss of their stud RB (ouch!), and yet could only use that to take the game into overtime. OSU only crossed midfield twice on their own the entire game.

They may be the only unbeaten team (despite 7 wins by less than a TD in a weak conference), but are they really the best team?

Well someone has to be considered the best team.

And under the system in place now, OSU is the team that gets to make that claim.

Remember that any system of choosing a champion in a sport has some sort of flaw. Mainly because humans are playing games that have some element of chance in them.

I was rooting for Ohio State (just because they were the underdogs) until that bad call by the official. Miami should have won it on that play. So then I was hoping Miami would win. I hate to see a game–a national championship game, no less–determined by a questionable officiating call. But, as BobT said, there is always that element of chance and you just have to accept it. Plus, it’s just a game.

Well, in last year’s Super Bowl St. Louis was probably the better team on paper.

But they don’t play the games on paper.

There are always more than enough questionable calls that go in favor of both teams. The Buckeyes won fair and square.

Whoa,Nelly wait a minute here.You’ve got some really bad generalaztions here.

Weak conference? They go 5-2 in the bowls.Off the top of my head at least 3 where they were the underdogs to the publc by a TD or more.The Big 10 was the best,top to bottom of ** any ** conference this year.Second place was probably Big 12,but competition fell of markedly after the big 4.

No other conference showed any kind of like strength.

Lived off turnovers?You think Miami just gave them the ball? There’s a reason why OSU had a 72 yd. rushing def.,in a predominately rushing/balanced league.You kill the body,the heads will fall.Miami found that out when their top rusher got stopped cold thruout the first half,and Dorsey didn’t have enough time to go to his (mostly) well covered receivers.

The best teams win the close ones.It may not look pretty to you,but the unbeaten Miami Dolphin nonames did the same thing.

It’s a team sport and a good team trumps a couple of media darlings all day long.And they haven’t lost a game all season.What else can they do to validate their #1 position in your eyes.Take on an NFL team?

The only team that looked as sharp in the bowls,from my vantage point was USC,who the Buckeyes handled farly easily early in the season,IIRC.,and probably would again,if only for the fact USC relies so heavily on the QB for the offense.

And all this bad call stuff is nonsense,they go both ways.Finally if he allows his kicker to try a field goal i the first half,this OT would never have come about.But that’s just more what ifs.They win=they deserve it-period.

This written by a nonteam fan,but a college football fan and bettor.Gotta love those bowls.

Miami got robbed. They are the number one team.

First of all, please clean the sand out of your vaginas.

Ohio State won the game - plain and simple. If you base your angst on the one blown call, then you must consider ever bad call throughout the game. But don’t do that either - it will give you wrinkles.

The #1 reason why I like betting college ball.All the bet with your heart bettors Can’t even see the losses for what they were,and will come back for more next year.

You’re spot on for most of your post, except OSU didn’t play USC this season.

The Pac-10 team OSU beat was Washington State, who was the Pac-10 champ.

USC’s two losses this year were to Kansas State and Washington State.

I’m not a big fan of college football, but everything I heard before the game was how badly Miami was going to crush Ohio State. One analyst went so far as to say “The only way Ohio State wins is if Miami goes insane and tries to play Big 10 football.”

So what happens? Miami makes a last gasp field goal with no time on the clock to send the game into overtime. And they lose in double overtime.

Any claim that the Hurricanes coulda-shoulda-woulda been #1 expired when they couldn’t pull the win off in regulation time.

Miami had plenty of other chances so bitching about one call is useless. They were the ones who didn’t get a touchdown in the second OT to send it to a third.

Besides, there could have been a hold called on that play too. Things like that even out.

There are also those who say that they never would have gotten to overtime except for a non call by the officials (two obvious holds and a clip on the 50 yard run-back after the punt). And whether or not it really was interference depends on who you talk to - hardly an eggregious Officials’ misjustice to match the '72 Olympics basketball game. To be fair, I didn’t get to see it (I was working and we had to settle for listening to the game) and so am relying entirely on reports given to me by others. Also, I am aware that some people believe that a bad call is much, much worse than any non call.

What I do find interesting is that both teams were put into the exact same position with the game on the line - first and goal on the two yard line. OSU punched it through for the TD to extend the game. Miami didn’t.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was rooting for Ohio State - mostly because of the pundits who are always so sure of their own sports genius that they are not simply satisfied to make predictions, they feel the need to ridicule anyone who disagrees with them (not fans, sports “journalists”).

What does all of the above mean? I don’t know. Mostly semi- random thoughts that have popped into my head regarding the game. Draw your own conclusions.

And both games were very early in the year.

Right now, I think USC is the best team in the game. It took them a while to get up and running, but MAN, how dangerous did they look. They dismantled a good Iowa team, running and passing it.

USC’s two losses this year were to Kansas State and Washington State

I stand corrected,those pac10s look a like to me.But the WSU game was my basis for beting the moneyline +2.50 in addition to the +13 I bet early.WSU was the cochamp,no?Or blow it the last season game.At least they had beaten USC-and that was what lead me to my conclusion.That and a good defense (OU) stuffed 'em in the Rose Bowl.
AS far as early in the season,it was for OSU,too.Most good teams get better thru the year **IF ** they’re playing competition.OSU did that,IMO,and proved it on the playing field.

My comment on the one trick pony USC offense still stands,tho.The Buckeye defense simply has no holes that I can see,they rush the passer,contain the sweeps and rollouts,and stuff anything up the gut.The only hole they may have is the linebacker on the tight end,but USC’s game doesn’t seem to feature him much.And I’m sure in a situation the defensive coach could probably rotate to a safety for coverage.Whoever he is,he’s come up with an outstanding combo there.Good reads,good players.

My #1 rule.Bet the best defense.offense takes care of itself

Why, did you not watch them over the latter half of the season? Anything but a one trick pony. They have two very good RBs, some great WRs and a pretty damned good defense as well. Having the Heisman trophy winner (and best QB in college football this year) is a very nice bonus.

I think USC would definetly have a good chance vs. OSU or OU.

In addition: You don’t come out 10-2 of the #1 hardest schedule in the country while only being a one trick pony.

To back up what ISiddiqui said with some numbers, 'SC had both a 800+ yard rusher (McCullough) and a 700+ yard rusher (Fargas), 3 rushers averaging 4.0+ yards/carry, and had 25 rushing TDs this season (vs 33 passing TDs).

SC also averaged 142.5 rushing yards/game, which isn’t too shabby by any means, even if the passing game was averaging 306.8 yards/game.

And, finally, let’s not forget that SC racked up 247 rushing yards and 4 rushing TDs against the second (third?) ranked run defense in the NCAA this past Thursday.

And our passing game is pretty good too. So’s our defense.

One trick pony? Not really.

Calls, bad and non, happened throughout the course of the game, for and against both teams. They always do, it’s part of football.

How can there be a debate about who is number one this year? Ohio State won all their games. Everybody else lost one or more. Ohio State passed all their tests, everybody else failed one or more.

End of story, as far as I’m concerned. I have no ties to Ohio State, but I congratulate them on a perfect season, and a well deserved National Championship.

“Hail to the victors valiant…” Ooops! Wrong school. :slight_smile:

I agree that the OT call was really horrible. It was so bad (so obvious; the play was right in front of him), it almost seemed like a fix.

I hope McGahee recovers; he has a great career ahead.