Is Palin's tweet re: Bachmann's FB update about Glenn Beck's maid's nephew's Bebo page Islamophobic?


Stop giving these mad cunts your time and attention! They are freaks, and they will go away on their own if you let them! If you Just. Fucking. Let. Them.

I am so desperately sick and tired of the seemingly endless cavalcade of Palin threads, or Bachmann threads, or threads about whichever loosely-glued wingnut motherfucker courageously galloped into hitherto uncharted terrain in the Great Plains of Crazyland by going apeshit over some wacky anti-Obama conspiracy he got in a chain e-mail from his aunt Pete about how Van Jones is raiding the graves of dead televangelists for hair and teeth so Joe Biden can fashion a Marxist golem that Obama can order to forcibly convert Dakota Fanning to Islam or whatever the fuck! I don’t even need to read them to know they’re there - and that’s what’s PISSING ME OFF!!

These people don’t need any more attention than they’ve already got!

Here’s an idea. Instead of writing a thread about curious proclivity of obvious cunts and idiots to spout off about stupid bullshit, why not write a thread about something good Obama has done? Show the President a little support. I’ll lead by example:

I think it’s a really good thing that President Obama has devoted more Federal funds to helping non-profit organisations with a track record of getting positive results. Good job!

So, how does one of these golems get activated? Do you have to write the instruction on a page taken from a Chick tract, and place it in its mouth?

Well Bachmann is actually an elected official with her hands on policy. So there’s that.

Damn, this is not a Bebe Rebozo related thread.
I was hoping. :frowning:

Satire. Good.

Oooh, sure, like ACORN, for instance? Well, he owes them, now doesn’t he?

I think he’s serious.

We’re trying to correct that but they used some extra strong koolaid and it’s taking longer that we thought.

Full marks for style. I can almost see the throbbing forehead vein.

One more outburst like that and we’ll *all *be held in contempt of Cort.

Where are these threads? I tried locating them using the search feature, and couldn’t find any.

Good luck to you sir, but she’s not a bad looking lady, and that seems to count for a lot these days.

I’m out of order?! You’re out of order! The whole *thread *is out of order!!

They’re out of order! Those women, those sick, crazy, depraved women, raped and beat that fact there, and they’d like to do it again!

They winked at me! It’s just a show! It’s a show! It’s Let’s Make A Deal! Let’s Make A Deal!

Hey Beck, you wanna Make A Deal? I got an insane Congresswomen who likes to beat the shit out of public discourse! Whaddya wanna gimme Beck, 3 conspiracy theories?!

I have just completed my opening statement

Indictment pending.

Sometimes I think Dopers should be punished for awful puns by having them become their sig lines, whether they like it or not. :wink:

Vinyl Turnip is a man with neither conscience nor scruple.

Hey! You watch what you say about Aunt Pete! She’s a classy lady who would never forward chain emails.

Overall, your rant is pretty damn dumb. But I do have to give you creativity points on that piece of prose.

Nor is he either actually vinyl or a turnip. Talk amongst yourselves.

We can has verklempt?