Is Pat Robertson really Superman?

I just saw an article in the Dallas Morning News that claims, according to the CBN website, that good ol’ Pat did a leg press of 2,000 pounds.

In the interest of bringing this news to Dopers, I held my breath and delved into (kids, don’t try this at home). Lo and behold, here is the story - How Pat Robertson Leg Pressed 2,000 Pounds. Now, not one to assume that there was any hyperbole was involved I have to admit that I am just a wee bit skeptical. I mean, I know that I can leg press roughly 240 pounds, I don’t suppose that an extra 0 got added on by ol’ Pat, do you?

In the interest of fair play, here is the DMN article that I mentioned: Pat Robertson’s leg-pressing claim draws skeptics.

Pat Robertson, man or superman?

Oh, for a couple hundred pounds of kryptonite!

I’m a little skeptical. It seems like a stupid thing to lie about. Why not say you can run the two minute mile or the 100 meter dash in 7.5 seconds. You know, something cool.

Some leftie radio person was talking about this the other day and noted that the recognized world record is something like 600 pounds less than Robertson’s claim, that the person setting the record had to use specially redesigned and reinforced equipment and that in setting the record he blew out all the capilaries in his eyes.

Why would anyone need to consult a Doctor? Surely the big guy upstairs is the go to guy in these situations?

Well now, we know who tugs on Superman’s cape.

This whole thing seems to be a PR stunt to help Robertson peddle some kind of phony health shake. I have no doubt that thousands of loyal 700 Club watchers will fall for it, but it might have been a little smarter of him to fake something just a little more credible. Like 500 lbs, maybe…or 50.

Clay Tarvis of CBS Sportsline:

Please…this is the same man who claimed to have prayed a hurricane away from Virginia Beach.

Which brings up my favorite epithet for the Pat-man: A true son o’ Va Beach…

Chuck Norris would have none of this.

And now I have the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’s “Mr. Apollo” running through my head …

“Five years ago I was a four-stone apology; today, I am two separate gorillas! No tiresome exercises! No tricks! No unpleasant bending! Wrestle poodles and win!”

:dubious: I’m not convinced.

Chuck Norris can leg press 2,000 pounds with his middle leg.

I think it’s distressing that this is getting any news coverage, even as a joke, because it’s only going to turn into money in Robertson’s pocket. Although it does say something about public Men of God, doesn’t it? Not in the same way Jimmy Swaggart did, but it’s something.

'Twas someone else I heard, but that’s the gist.

“Skeptical” implies you think that there is a chance that it’s true. I’m gonna go with “horseshit”.

Somebody needs to remind Pat that you go to hell for lying, the same as you do for stealing.

Good call, Rick.

Like Bono said, “The god I believe in isn’t short of cash, mister.”

Who is Pat Robertson, and what has he to gain from claiming he has the leg muscles of your average Kryptonian?

Don’t say that. I’m planning on going straight to hell, and I don’t want to find that asshole there.