Is "Prime Time Glick" as awful as it looks?

I’ve been seeing commercials for this show on Comedy Central. I haven’t actually seen the show, but based on the commercials, I can’t imagine that it would be anything short of excruciating. Martin Short in a “fatman” body suit and mask, acting like a hyperactive stereotypical borderline-gay man with a Jewish accent?

But, if you happen to belong to the “WE LOVE GLICK” fanclub, now’s you’re chance to tell me what I’m missing.

Crikey, the subject line for this WAS Is “Prime Time Glick” as awful as it looks? I swear. If someone wishes to fix it, that would be keen.

“Post Subject” hates quotation marks. Use two ’ instead. ‘‘Like this.’’

Glick would be the worst thing on CC, if it weren’t for dreck like South Park. Was Martin Short ever funny?

Prime Time Glick is actually pretty funny, but I’m one of the few people alive who find Martin Short hilarious. The voice he uses for Glick is great, and the disrespect he shows his guests is very amusing. Give it a try if you notice that it’s on, but I wouldn’t plan my day around it.

Alas, “Prime Time Glick” – like Comedy Central’s other big new series “That’s My Bush” – is funnier in concept than in execution. While the idea of a moronic but pushy talk show host sounds amusing, the show flounders. The interviews are hit-and-miss, with Short desperately working to invent something funny out of less than nothing.

It might work as a special, or if the entire show were scripted, but not in its current form.

I just want to reach into the TV and put Martin Short to sleep everytime I see commercials for PTG.

“Marty…what are you doing to yourself?!”

That’s a good solution. And it’s only the “preview” that hates quotation marks. Swallows 'em and the stuff back of 'em every time.

Actually, I think PTG is hilarious. I think it would be better if it didn’t drag on so long and they got rid of the skits, but it’s good. Maybe if they had some sort of variety show that they could slap 10 minutes of Glick into, that’d be the best option.

But saying that PTG is the worst thing on Comedy Central when that aweful Strip Mall and that show with the old lady going to high school are on, is beyond me.

[sub]UCB would be the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, which was flat-out ass-spanking hysterical.[/sub]

Thanks for the tip, don Jaime; and for the fix, UncleBeer.

They’ve already put “That’s My Bush” to sleep, thank God.

I’m with CHUM—I think it’s funny—but then again I love Martin Short.

Would love to see some better GUESTS who KNOW how to play with HIM.

Am I the only one who would love to see him REALLY interview RUSSELL CROWE?

I’m with CHUM—I think it’s funny—but then again I love Martin Short.

Would love to see some better GUESTS who KNOW how to play with HIM. IE: the one with DENNIS MILLER was great.

Am I the only one who would love to see him REALLY interview RUSSELL CROWE?

NO but you’re the ONLY one who does the SPORADIC capitalizations that are GETTING on my NERVES.

I hate that show. I never liked Martin Short, he’s not a good comedian when he’s writing or improvising his own stuff.

Oh and don Jaime, South Park isn’t dreck.

I haven’t liked Martin Short since Second City a long time ago, however…

I think Prime Time Glick is absolutely hilarious! Just watching his guests trying to keep a straight face while he interviews them is priceless…

Haven’t missed it yet…


I think the show’s pretty funny, but no comparison to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. :slight_smile:

I happened to catch it once… I wasn’t impressed. Doubt that I’ll ever watch it again.

A loaded question, since I don’t think Primetime Glick looks awful in ads.

I like Primetime Glick, but basically only the interview portions, and those work best when the guest doesn’t try to upstage Glick. Dennis Miller and Paul Schaffer tried to direct the interview, but the best humor comes from Glick asking inane questions and offering tidbits from his own bizarre life. (Personally, I love the names of his four (?) kids, including Matthew and Modine.)

I don’t much care for Short’s physical humor – stuffing food in his mouth, choking, etc. – but I think Glick is a hilarious character. And the woman who plays his wife, Dixie, is terrific – I can’t remember her name right now; she was on SNL and Third Rock.

and Designing Women. She is Jan Hooks.

I’m with FairyChatMom . . . The print ads and TV spots were agonizing, but I thought, “well, I’ll give it a shot.” Managed to watch maybe ten minutes and finally dived for the channel-changer. Hope to goodness it gets cancelled so I won’t have to look at the damned print ads and TV spots anymore.

I caught the first episode and I wasn’t impressed. I’m not a big fan of Short, I generally find his humor hit-or-miss. In the case of “Glick”, it’s mostly miss. While it had it’s moments, I don’t plan on watching it again.

(What I don’t understand is why Short is considered a comic genius when his actual body of work is fairly mediocre.)