Is referring to posters as "Dopes" an insult?

Apsenglow claims that it is. I could swear that I’ve read the term before, as a light-hearted variation on Dopers.

I don’t remember ever seeing “Dopes”, just “Dopers”. If it’s such a regular occurrence, it shouldn’t be hard for you to provide links.

Not even in jest?

It depends.


I’ve never seen it either. Just Doper’s here and we’re called “Derpers” on the other board that is dedicated to gossip about this board.

On what? Who posted it?


For context, here is the relevant post.

@D_Anconia, I have never once encountered someone on this message board calling another poster a ‘Dope’, capitalized or otherwise, in a jesting way. You’re the one claiming to have seen it previously, so if you can find such an instance, that would be helpful.

For future reference, you always take the chance that a comment won’t be taken in the way you intend. That’s a risk you assume when you make a statement “in jest”.

I’m not inclined to give you any benefit of the doubt in this instance unless you can present evidence of common usage of ‘Dope’ as a term of jest or affection on this board, or other mods counsel otherwise.

I’ve only seen the term “Dopers”, and use that term myself on occasion.

I didn’t say it was common, just that I’ve seen it before.

I won’t do it again.

Good plan.

Nice snark. :roll_eyes:


We have a board dedicated to gossip about us? Awesome! Link?

I don’t know if we’re allowed to link to Giraffe, I think it runs afoul of the rule against carrying disputes across message boards.

Or at least not to specific discussions. I’m not really clear.

I’ve never been over there anyway.

You’re correct, it’s not allowed. I’m glad you checked first. Thanks.

“I was only joking” ?


Linking to the GB isn’t allowed generally? Since when? It’s been done dozens of times without any issues.

I agree that linking to specific potentially inflammatory posts or threads has never been allowed.

I think you’re right. I’m not sufficiently up on Giraffe Board linkage to have this nuanced understanding. I’ll check and include the specific rules here. In ATMB discussions, however, I’d encourage folks to err on the side of caution.

So a moderator doesn’t have a full understanding of the rules, but the posters are expected to?